Lookbook # 2 – Grey Leggings 

Hey guys, The last few days have been very busy. I’ve been travelling to the states and haven’t had much wifi. Here is a mini lookbook (photos taken by my sister – this… Continue reading

DIY Nutella Mug Cake

One Day I was at the dollar store looking for some random gift fillers for my little brother (things like candy, notebooks, fuzzy socks, pencil crayons, wooden things he could paint, etc). While looking around… Continue reading

My Dream Bedroom Wishlist

My dream bedroom wishlist. 1.) Storage Décor Hand Woven White Baskets with Pink Stripe Liner – $20 from buybuybaby.com 2.) Rose Quartz Pink 24 Inch Round Premium Chinese/Japanese Paper Lantern – $12 from… Continue reading

Some Things To Do When You’re Bored During Summer

Even though I L-O-V-E summer, sometimes I get board and run out of ideas for things to do. If you get bored during this summer, here is my list of ideas to help you… Continue reading

My Summer Morning Routine (YouTube Video)

Click here to watch it on YouTube Hope you all enjoy my video This is my first morning routine video and no one ever told me how hard they are to film by… Continue reading

My Nail Polish Collection

Hey, hey, hey 🙂 So this year I made a new goal: to grow my nails out long. As long as I can remember, I have had super short nails because I had… Continue reading

DIY Tie-Dye Dye

I don’t know about you but I love tie-dye. Sometimes, though, I don’t really feel like going out and buying a $30 dollar tie dye kit, especially when I don’t really have that… Continue reading

DIY Potato Chip Maker Review // Does This Really Work???

Just a couple days ago I went London Drugs to look for a Fathers Day gift for my dad. My dad really likes to make food that is fast and easy; everyday for… Continue reading

Our Family Trip To Washington USA

Hotel Lobby Area On a Friday we travelled our way to Washington. We arrived at 5 pm unpacked and  then I took (iPod and camera) photos of our adorable hotel room so that I… Continue reading

My Top Summer Products

OH MY GOODNESS SUMMER! I feel like that first scene from High School Musical 2 where they are all staring at the clock counting down the time until summer break begins. I just… Continue reading