5 things I love about my job

Hello Loves,
As some of you may know I have been working at Reitmans, a clothing store, for a number of months now. Today I decided to make a list of my 5 favorite things that I love about my job. Also at the bottom of the post I’ll have a photo of the main girls I work with on our team, who I love so much.

1- The relaxed atmosphere (trying on clothes, catching up on each other’s lives etc)
Every shift when I walk in we take some time to just catch up, honestly, on each others lives. When the store is super slow we also like to try on new stock that has recently arrived. It’s so we can tell customers how they fit. Sometimes, also when it’s really slow, we just fold and clean up while talking to each other and it’s just super chill in times like these.  Of course sometimes it is not as relaxed, like before head office visits and such but over all it is pretty good.

2-The girls
There isn’t one girl I work with that I don’t like. We even hang out outside of work sometimes too. We genuinely care about each other.

3-Getting to do some of everything.
My manager believes that everyone should do some of everything so we all do price mark downs, cleaning, cash, greeting, put backs, stock, sign changes, store layout/visual changes, etc. It’s a lot of work sometimes but it keeps work interesting. It is also nice because then If we only have one cash person assigned that day but the cash desk gets really busy and she needs some help, any one of us can easily just go take the other till and help out.

4-The 50% off discount 
50% off everything in our store and every other store Reitmans owns (and Reitmans, Hyba, RW&Co, Penningtons, AdditionElle, etc). 50%!!!

5-When the customers, especially older ladies, get excited about what they’re finding and getting 
When customers get excited or happy about what they are finding and the deals they are getting it makes us excited as well and refills our energy bars. So often we are dealing with customers who don’t care, are rude, and don’t even want to talk to us… so when there is a customer with positivity and kindness, we cherish them.