Hello loves,

When my friend from university, who is on the soccer team, was asked if he was going to try to pursue soccer professionally he said that he may as well try because if he didn’t he would always wonder “what if?” but he also had a back up plan. I recently noticed that I am often saying or commenting “goals” yet I never do any work to achieve them. I decided about a week ago that that needs to stop and now I am going to start working for the things that I want. Even if I fail. No matter how big or small those goals are.

Some of my goals that I am working on are:

ombre hair: I was out at the dollar store to pick up more dry shampoo (which is actually amazing) and I saw that they had the same hair coloring brand as Walmart and they had a box for ombre-ing your hair so I decided then and there “screw it!” I’ve wanted to do this for a years now and if it doesn’t work out I can always just pick up another box of dye and dye it back.

learning Spanish: Many of my friends (chera) from university speak Spanish (espanol) so I have felt a little ting in my heart for about a year now to learn their language but (pero) was so busy memorizing different things for school. Now that it’s summer, I (yo) don’t want (yo no quiero) my brain to turn to mush and I have (yo tiengo) much more time on my hands, so I decided now would be the perfect time to learn. I downloaded the app Duolingo, I messaged my sister’s Latina friend asking her if she could help, I made a Quizlet, and I made myself a Spanish playlist on YouTube of songs and telenovelas.

starting my own little company: Ever since I was a little girl I wanted my own product/company. I used to scribble in my notepads designing clothing. I would live for DIYs and would cut my Barbie’s hair. Entrepreneurial heart I guess. I even to a business entrepreneurship class in my senior year of high school. Now there is a guy in my school who has his own hammock business which he started at the same age I am at right now. And I thought to myself, “he is not too young to do it, why then do I think that I am?” and again I told myself “screw it!” and I told my mom about this boy from school and how I wanted to do that too. After brainstorming together we decided (mostly) upon lip glosses. Since then I have been practicing how to make them in different ways, looking it up on craft mom blogs, and looking at cosmetic labs, etc., practicing and mixing different formulas together and putting them in pop bottle caps for my family to try. Today I went out and bought more ingredients and some actual containers to put them in so that’s exciting. My next step will be to secure a formula/recipe or two that I like and start giving them out to friends to try and review. I would love so much if YOU could give me some insight on what you do and don’t like about lip gloss and such by clicking this link:

getting in better shape and toning my body: This is something I have been working on with other people. I do have a workout video by Blogilaties (that might be spelt wrong) that I do but I find if I don’t work out with other people then I cheat a lot more. I have been going to our dance fit fitness class that I went to before university with Missy and J. Also my brother and I have been doing tennis together (I am in a tennis class next semester so he is teaching me how to play).

being more sociable in person: This one I’ve been practicing by just inviting my friends over more often and going to parties that I’m invited to and I went clubbing so I think that I am doing pretty well at this one. Also talking to customers at work helps a bit I think. It’s not that I am not a social person, I love talking to people and meeting new people, just sometimes when I come home I lock myself away and sleep so it’s just making sure that I’m not always doing that.

being more sociable with other people online (like Instagram) : This one was one I was considering for a long time because I love when people on Instagram are super sociable with me (commenting, liking, DMing, etc) but I always thought if I did that to other people they would think I’m some creepy loner stalker person or something. So now that my Instagram is poppin rn (@Samantha.twist) I am making a point of commenting on people’s pictures and DM responding to their IG stories and stuff like that. I would love it if you followed me and maybe we could become Instagram friends haha.

Okay that is all for now. Please take my survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5RZJ5B5 and check me out on Instagram.


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