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This past summer I went to the states to visit my family, you already know this if you read my Michigan Vacation blog post. While I was there at one of my cousins’ house I saw a container full of Colourpop lip products. I asked my cousin about it and she told me all about Colourpop and how she loved them and that the lip products were all under $10! I was sold. Unfortunately, however, shipping to Canada is at least $20 and that is more than i am willing to pay on something like this so for a couple months I never ordered any. I wrote most of this down in my Michigan Vacation blog post: “I went to the washroom there and when I went to wash my hands I saw something very beautiful, a big bin full of lip products, lip products all by the same brand, a brand I had never heard of…. Colourpop Cosmetics.” Then, a little while ago,  Colourpop was having a free shipping for 24 hours promotion and I knew that this was my chance to order some lip products and try them out. So that is exactly what I did.

I got the package when I went home for winter break and opened it right away. The box was ordinary on the outside but bright and wonderful on the inside. Inside the box was a mini-magazine with photos of beautiful models wearing colourpop products and tips on how to use everything. Also inside, was a little thank you note with a kid’s writing on the back about what she was thankful for. I remember when jazz hands were a big thing when I was young. The products I ordered were obviously in there as well. Two Lippie Stix (cami and chataue) a liquid suede (or something like that) (Calpso), and a liquid ultra matte (perky). When swatching I found the lippie stix to be quite smooth, it feels like nothing until you rub your lips together but even then it feels like silk or something, it’s very nice. My only thing with the lippie stixs is that i do find that they move/transfer onto other things quite easily. For example, sometimes I fake a pout and doing that somehow got my lipstick on my face right above my chin even though it had been on for hours. Calypso is quite thick (the velvet one) and perky (the ultra matte) is very watery but still super pigmented. On the website, Colourpop calls Perky a “muted rose” color and in the pictures they post it looks quite pink; however, It is a lot more like Posie K by Kylie than a pink or”muted rose.” Overall I enjoy these products very much, Cami and Calypso being my favorites, and will buy more if they have another free international shipping promotion. dsc_0717dsc_0714dsc_0709



no flash under white lights. top to bottom: cami, chataue, calypso, perky


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