10 Things I Learned In My 1st Semester Of University

Hey you guys,
So as you know, if you are a follower of my blog or instagram, I just finished my first semester of university. I feel like I have learned a lot, even though i dont know how to put a lot of my lessons into words, so i thought i would share with you  things that i have learned in my first semester of university.

1- Not everyone you meet will be your friend

2- Friend groups change and shift a lot from the first couple weeks

3- Participating in events and activities is (sometimes) just as important as studying

4- Sometimes  you need to prioritize studying over hanging out with friends. It sucks.

5- If you get to know someone over text and text the person a lot before getting to know them in person there’s 40% chance that relationship (whether friendly or romantic) won’t work out. I learned this from a texting workshop which referenced comedian Aziz Ansari a lot. Since then I’ve been trying to force people to hang out with me in person instead of texting and oh my goodness let me tell you that is hard!

6- Someone could like you and you may never know.

7- Rumors don’t matter. If someone is going to judge you off a little rumor than they probably aren’t quality.

8- Being nice to people is still a good idea.

9-Guys with confidence are so much hotter

10- Sometimes you need to stop and look around and just enjoy the beauty around you.


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