October 1st

October 1st. The first official day of fall, at least in my books. It is also the first official day of fall in many of my dorm sisters’ books so we decided to all go to a pumpkin patch/orchard together. We all met up in the lounge at 11 and walked to the bus stop together. The bus was not on time, which seems to be pretty usual, but that’s okay because we had no other plans for the day except spending time with each other. When the bus pulled up it did not look like a regular bus, or at least not the type of bus from my home that I am used to. It looked more like a shuttle or a van. Only two girls really knew the details on everything so we just followed their lead. We got off that bus and onto another bus (that looked more normal but still weird and definitely not the same) and that is where everyone learned that the bus would not take us all the way to the farm like we thought, instead we would need to also take a taxi. None of us knew this before hand so many of us did not have extra money on us. Luckily enough girls had cards on them that had enough money to pay for a taxi. When we called, Victoria said that there was 12 of us girls (because she wanted to know if they could send a taxi van) and the guy on the phone said no they couldn’t and told her to sit in the last car that would come because there was a young driver who’d love to sit with her. It was just really creepy, we almost decided to just cancel them and walk the rest of the way. She did not go in the last car. It took us about an hour and a half to get there (it’s only a 10min drive if we all had cars for everyone) but it was worth it.

The farm was adorable. When we got there we immediately started taking photos by the flowers. The entrance was a cute little U-pick flower garden.  There was a market full of super fall stuff and bread and fudge, there was a waffle place, and another hut that sold food and hot chocolate, all locally grown and made. I really enjoyed our time there because I got to get so many girls in our dorm better, it was a good bonding activity, it was a cool adventure, perfect for fall, also it was just super adorable and I got some great photos for Instagram.

The rain started coming down around 3 so we gathered up, after grabbing free mini pumpkins, and called a different, less creepy, taxi service and drove the 10 minute ride home for the same cost as bussing.


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thanks to everyone who took photos (mostly Marlin and that kind stranger lady)