My Dorm Room

Hey you guys,
as most of you probably already know, I am in university now. A big part about university, for me at least, is my dorm because it is my new home, I moved away and live here now with my wonderful roommate Lindsay. I wanted to share some photos of my dorm with you even though it still isnt completely done. Like even after I took these photos I built a white shelf from Walmart (which is now in the nook – shout out to Alex for letting me borrow his screw driver) and bought a cute white tray thing for my desk, and we still want to buy a shoe rack. So things right now are constantly changing and moving and we are still trying to figure some things out haha. I didn’t include any photos of the washroom because it is shared with two other girls in the room beside us and we are still trying to figure out what we want to buy for that and all that stuff so it is not done at all.


the little nook on the other side of our closets behind where our desks are.


the washroom door, the door to our room, and our beds (Lindsay is on top and I am on bottom)



Outside our window. We can hear the boys playing there at night and we see them taking off their shirts when it’s shirts vs skins.


one of Lindsay’s shelves – talk about goals! It’s so cute!



I love this light! My mom and I picked up this light right before leaving to start traveling to come to university, it was so last minute but I am so glad I got it. Shout out to beautypower for the recommendation



my closet



This makeup organizer was actually a going away to Uni gift from one of my friends and you can tell it is getting used haha.



My side of the desk

Okay that’s all for now. I hope to catch you guys up on everything soon. Have a great day. Also if you are not following me on instagram and twitter you totally should be because I post so much on there and I think you will love it — Instagram: @tw.ster   Twitter: @ShortGirlSam