Michigan Vacation


The first day was a long day. I woke up at 5:40 to shower, do my hair, and my makeup. I had an interview for an on campus job that day so I needed to look good. We traveled for about four or five hours then got to my university, which thankfully was on the way, and I had my interview. The interview, I think went really really well even though I was a little blindsided at the beginning. I applied for three different on campus jobs, one of which being an A.S.A., and the person who contacted me, I thought, was the head of the A.S.A.s but it turned out he was the head of placing for all of the on campus jobs and I had only prepared the interview for one, not three, of the jobs I applied for. After that I had a tour of the school, It was good and the girl was sweet. However I did learn very fast: Do not ever take your parents on a school tour if they are alumni! Practically the whole tour was spent talking about them. I was hoping to see the dorm rooms during the tour so I could get some ideas for decorating because I need to buy stuff soon but that didn’t happen.  After the tour the lovely Susanne, the admissions councilor who has been helping me get all my ducks in a row, gave my family things to get a free drink at the end so that was nice. After that we needed to kill some time before meeting up with my dad’s parents so we went into a mall and just looked around. Well it was just looking until I saw the baby pink Band.o agenda sitting on the shelf and convinced my dad that this is what I needed to keep me on track in university. After that we went to my Grandparents’ house and talked for a bit before going out to dinner, at dinner my dad’s brother, David, and one of his three kids (who are not really kids anymore because they are all in university or older), Danielle, and his wife joined. The food was good and my grandma bought me a hot fudge brownie with icecream! After that we just drove until we found a hotel near the airport with a shuttle service.

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Day 2:
The next day started quite early, 6:30. We got ready as fast as we could, we had prepared the night before and already laid out our clothes, ate a continental breakfast and shuttled to our flight. Our flight there was wonderful. We flew with Delta Airlines (both ways) and the entire staff on our flight was just so kind. As we were taking off the captain was speaking over the intercom doing the usual greeting that they all do and at the end he adds “If Michigan is not part of your travel plans it soon will be.” That comment just made the whole plane laugh and it was a great way to start off a flight. I hate flying but knowing that the captain had a sense of humor and was calm enough to joke around a bit really put me at ease. Now that I’ve mentioned that lets back track a bit to being seated on the plane. We sat my dad on the isle, my brother, then myself on the window (my sister and mother were behind us). The first thing I saw when I sat down were screens on the backs of the chairs in front of us, little did I know that these screens were not just for movies but for games that you could play by yourself or with people around you, and TV shows, and tracking our flight, and many other cool things. For a good chunk of the flight my brother and I played chess against each other then after that I chose from their very wide selection of movies. Also they gave out refreshments, which is normal, I got cookies and lemonade, but the cookies were actually really good and that surprised me.
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After the flight my grandpa picked us up, and he kept his eyes on the road almost the whole time which surprised us all because he is a terrible driver and normally doesn’t look at the road very much. On the way to my grandparents’ place we went to a McDonald’s for some large fries (I think we got 4 large fries haha). My dad and I were the ones who actually got out of the car and went in and shortly after we ordered I noticed that we were the only white skinned people in the place which surprised me, I had never been in minority before, but then I quickly remembered that people are people no matter their skin tone and it really didnt matter that we were the minority in that place. I just wanted to add that in because it’s something that I’d never experienced before and I quickly learnt “who cares”.  We had dinner at my gradnparent’s place then my grandma showed me THE scrapbooks. You guys don’t even understand THE scrapbooks. My Grandma has been scrapbooking our lives (every single one of her grandkid’s) since we were born and we hear about it every time she calls. The scrapbooks are huge and heavy and filled with the history of the entire family, not just me, even family members I never met. The scrapbooks are given once you graduate high school and so I went prepared , ready to see some scrapbooks, and she shows me mine, a whole pile of mine, 12 huge, fat, heavy scrapbooks.  TWELVE scrapbooks including everything that’s ever happened  in the family since I was born. After looking through a couple of them with my grandmother I went down to my bedroom and watched Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 on Netflix until I went to sleep.


Day 3 was started with a big breakfast, meals are always big when it comes to my grandma. Then we drove to my aunt Ruth’s. It was quite funny on the way there because we were driving in my Grandma’s car, with her GPS and while driving, instead of yelling out a direction the GPS asks “are you tired? Maybe you should rest.” The whole car was laughing. We met up with my aunt Ruth, her two kids, and our other cousin Parker and went roller skating for the very first time. It was a good idea but I like Ive skating a lot more. I quite pretty fast. The motion for moving is nothing like skating. But my mom bought me a giant pretzel and I hung out with my cousins so it was fun. I forgot to bring my highlight with me and we had some time to kill before going back to aunt Ruth’s house so we went to the mall to a Sephora and I picked up Becca Champagne Pop Highlight ( I made a video of me sampling it and testing it which you should watch — click here ). We went back to aunt Ruth’s and ate dinner, watched a movie, played monopoly on the Xbox, played some truth or dare, and watched Aladdin. After Aladdin was finished it was midnight and my sister and I were beat, so we figured out the sleeping situation, boys together in one room and girls together in another, we crashed. It was sort of funny because my sister and I were all tucked in and ready to sleep when our cousin Rachel, who is two years younger than me and one year older than my sister, was like “wait are we going to sleep or are we actually going to sleep!?” and my sister and I both said actual sleep. Rachel told us the next day that she was up until 3 a.m.

my dad tying my roller skates for me


Day 4:
My aunt Ruth is very hospitable, she made everyone pancakes in the morning  and then she made me special allergy friendly pancakes with chocolate chips in them. We didn’t have a lot of time to get ready that morning so instead of having a shower I convinced my mom to wash my hair with the shower hose as I leaned over the tub. My outfit I picked out for that day was based entirely around my jean jacket which I lost (and later found at my Grandma’s house) so that was a bit sad. Once we were all ready we packed into the cars again and drove to my aunt Audrey’s house where Shelby, one of the two other girls born my year, lives. Parker (the cousin who came roller skating) lives there too. At Shelby’s we played games, talked, tried cheddar chips and sour cream chips, ate pizza, ate cookies,  and played some air hockey. I went to the washroom there and when I went to wash my hands I saw something very beautiful, a big bin full of lip products, lip products all by the same brand, a brand I had never heard of…. Colourpop Cosmetics. Que angelic singing “aaahhh”. I haven’t ordered from colour pop yet, because shipping to Canada is about $20, but I cant wait ’till I find someone else who wants to order from them so we can order together and split shipping. Back at Grandmas, later that evening, wifi was not working. We had dinner, lasagna yumm, and then Uncle Dan, his little boy Thaddeus, and Sadie (who is my sister’s age and who had just gotten her wisdom teeth out) came over and stayed the night. just going to point out again that we had no wifi at all that day.


Day 5:
I woke up, went upstairs & saw rain. Rain! On the day of my open house/grad party/celebration/patio party. Luckily it did clear up a bit for the party so we were able to go outside a bit. My open house, that my very sweet Grandmother organized for me, started at 11:30 and ended around 6:30 (for me at least). During that time I socialized and made rounds, greeted every person who came through the doors, hid, ran away with my cousins from this boy (who was a third cousin) who was obsessed with Shelby and trying to convince her to marry/date him, made rounds again then hid again. I also cut a giant cake, half chocolate and half banana, perfectly down the middle which surprised and impressed everyone. Everyone was super nice, especially this one lady with black hair in a grey dress who everyone said was “Mark’s wife.” She was very kind and my longest conversation that entire day was probably with her, we talked mostly about school and plans for the future, learning different languages, etc, it was actually quite interesting and I really enjoyed it. Once it hit 6:30 some people had left but many more weren’t ready to leave, however Everyone who was immediate family to me (aunts, cousins, etc) had to go (except my grandparents) because we were all heading up to my Aunt Kathy’s cabin. Are you getting an idea of how many sisters my mom has? It’s a bit excessive. The cabin was pretty, we had seen the before and after photos on Facebook (my aunt and uncle are house flippers to they take lame looking houses and make them look nice). Somebody had the idea, a nice idea, to put all the cousins (there’s about 20 of us ranging from ages 5 to 21) all in the loft upstairs. However I chose to sleep with my parents, they had a twin bed and a twin bunkbeds in their room so I just went on one of the bunks, because this was my 5th day of being around people non stop and I just did not have the energy.

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the sunset on the drive up to the cabin

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Day 6:
When I woke up that morning and saw Shelby’s face I was glad I chose to sleep with my parents, she was not having it. Apparently the younger kids kept everyone else up (by screaming and jumping) until two or four a.m.  That morning we went on a walk and then to the lake. I don’t enjoy beaches the way that most people typically do. I am not the type of person to lay or cover myself in sand and I do not go splashing and swimming in the water. Instead I will lay on a towel and tan or take photos or play frisbee if there are enough people and a frisbee. When we got to the lake one of the first things that I saw were swinging benches, like swings but they were benches, something that I had never seen at a beach before. Quickly I decided that that is where I wanted to spend my time at the lake while everyone else was swimming. Once Jayna, one of the 3 of us all born the same year, was done swimming she came and joined me and we talked which was really nice because we hadn’t gotten any chances to talk one on one before then. Later on Shelby joined us as well so it was all three of us, the three musketeers, together. We ate food and swang and talked and it was nice. Near the end of the time designated for staying at the lake, maybe an hour before leaving, our uncle Joe (aunt Kathy’s husband) said he would take everyone who wanted to go tubing out on his new boat. Both Shelby and I weren’t really wanting to do tubing, the lake had given Shelby some swimmers itch, so we stayed behind with mostly the adults. Aunt Julie came to the lake and visited with her new-ish husband Kevin whom I had only met once before. Kevin gave Shelby and I some money to buy icecream from the shop on the beach which was so so kind and oh my goodness the icecream was so good and really big considering we ordered the smallest size. While giving the change back to Kevin I noticed his camera and lenses and I made a comment about it because we both have Nikon cameras and I really love taking photos and that lead into a whole discussion which was cool because I had never really gotten to have a real conversation with him, especially not one on one without any other parents quipping in. That evening Shelby and I (Jayna had to leave because she had work the next morning) joined the rest of the adults for the adult only sunset cruise on my aunt and uncle’s boat. The adult only sunset cruise was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.
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Day 7:
Let’s not talk about day 7.

At some point between day 7 and day 10 we went and saw the new Star Trek movie in theaters which was fun, I’d been waiting a while for that.

Day 10:
On day 10 we went out for breakfast, I’m not entirely sure why since there was probably lots of leftovers that we probably could have ate but whatever. After breakfast my grandparents, my family, and my uncle Dan and his young kid, Thaddeus, and I all went to my aunt Kathy’s house. I drove with my uncle and everyone else went in the other little cars, I think this was the only one on one conversation my uncle and I had during this trip; it’s sort of hard to have one on one conversations where there’s a billion people in your family (actually about 40 but still…). Anyways my aunt Kathy has a cool house, like I said before they are house flippers, with a nice pool in the backyard. At one point my younger cousin Bryn (or Brynn…. Im not entirely sure how to spell it), who is my sister’s age, and I went up to the loft of the house and watched everyone else in the pool and talked some real talk. I really enjoyed this because to be honest I didn’t think she was too impressed with me before this, like I knew she liked me and that we were family but I didn’t think it was much more than that, also she told me she loves my outfit posts on Instagram so that just made my heart sparkle. Follow my Instagram: @tw.ster ! After that we went shopping at the outlet malls near their house, I love outlet malls so much. I finally bought a pair of running/workout shoes, I’ve been looking since March. The day shaped out a lot better than I thought it would. On the way back to my Grandparents’ we stopped at a Chinese restaurant, normally we go to Chinese buffets so this was sort of new, the food was good but that’s not the interesting part about the restaurant. After we finished eating my sister, my mom, and I all needed to go washroom. I think I was first or second in the washroom so I could’ve picked any stall but so I pick a stall and go washroom then I realize that my toilet is broken and wont flush. I am standing in my stall with no idea what to do while my mom and my sister are waiting for me in the washroom. Suddenly it comes to me, I will crawl under the stall door, on the dirty floor, that way the door is locked and nobody else uses that stall and people know it’s broken. Unfortunately the space between the door and the floor was a lot closer than I thought so crawling under was quite painful, but it was okay because it was for the greater good. Until my mom decided to open the stall and not re-lock it and made all my efforts for nothing but it was funny for all of us when I was crawling on the bathroom floor, even though it was a bit gross.

Day 11 was just us traveling home.


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