Grad day

Grad day, the thing we’ve all been working towards for the past 13 years. In Canada, at least where I live, we dont have prom, so grad is like our prom, we go all out and it is a multi day event. We wake up super early to get ready then all meet up to take photos before the ceremony, then there is the ceremony, then there is a dinner and dance party at a fancy venue, then there is the very mysterious after grad party which some parents plan and nobody knows where it is (not even the people helping with security or the decorates) until we get there. This is a recount of what happened with lots of photos. Hope you enjoy! Also there is a video at the end if you want to check that out.

Getting ready was a bit hectic. I woke up at 6 and soon realized I did not give myself enough time. I did my whole face of makeup except my eyes and eyebrows and left to get my hair done, there was a bit of buffer time between getting my hair done and getting photos that I figured I would do my eyes during. When we got to our hair place the hair place wasnt there… it had moved but luckily not too far away. The hair took a bit longer than I anticipated but that`s okay because it looked fabulous. After my hair I went home to continue my makeup and my mom made me some lunch (noodles) but I only had time for a couple bites. My makeup did well until I got to the part where I had to apply my false lashes. I had never pput false lashes on myself before, only on other people (which I am pretty good at), but so my hands were shaking and they didnt go on very well but you could only tell that if you were super close and looking so I left it and changed into my dress and went to my photo appointment (youll see photos from that as soon as I get them). The photographer was amazing, I printed off a list of photos that showed poses and angles I wanted and he helped make them all come true. We got in, took the photos, and got out, it was fast and we got all the photos I wanted so that was great. After that we (my family) went downtown to meet up with everyone else and took more photos where I was ushered from friend to friend to take tons of photos.

Since I had no real lunch my stomache was growling during the long ceremony. Looking back on it, the ceremony doesnt seem so long or boring but during it I was practically dying. It was pretty good though. One guy brought a horse mask that he put on when his name was called and left on for the remainder of the ceremony, and one of the speakers brought her dog.

Not my photo, I took it from a friend off facebook.


After the ceremony there was a dinner dance. The food, oh my goodness, was amazing! I wasnt expecting it to be so good. It was set out buffet style and there was penne pasta which is one of my favorite foods ever. My dress almost exploaded but I just kept eating because it was sooo good, then they nbrought out desert, which included tons of chocolate, so of course I had to have some of that too. After stuffing us with delicious food they made us work it off with dancing. The picture you see below is from the father and daughter slash mother son dance. We were all expecting it to be a waltz, I was even told it would be so my dad and I went to YouTube and learnt how to waltz, then they called us to the dance floor and we got in position to waltz and the music was some sort of hoola hawaii music! hahaha. It was hilarious and totally weird. After that the DJ played good dancing music and late on the parents left so the grads had a couple hours to hang out at this venue and dance while waiting to be taken to our super secret after grad location. At one point, when I got tired of dancing and being in this venue (it had been a couple of hours) some friends and I walked to tims, not that any of us were that hungry, we just needed to get out for a bit.


After Grad was great! The parents who organized it went way beyond what I had expected. They rented out a rec center that had a gym fool of inflatables (inflatable football and soccer practice, and an inflatable obstacle course thing), bowling, a poker room, and an outdoors area with three or four fire pits. On top of all that they had unlimited free donuts, candy bags, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and other snacks. There was also a photo booth (you’ll see the photos I got from that below) that had unlimited free photos which was super cool! At 1:30 they had a burger buffet with burgers,obviously, and fries and chicken wings. Around 3 they handed out prizes slash draws and I won a $25 gift card to a mall. Sorry I don't know that happened to my font I was just typing and this happened (also my slash button and my apostrophe buttons don't work, as well as my less than and greater than buttons...). at 3:30 the whole place became freezing and everyone was starting to get cold and tired. After grad lasted until 5 or 6 in the morning and as soon as I got home I crashed.



the next day

Watch my grad day GRWM/Vlog by clicking the link above or clicking here.

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