Grad BBQ

Hey guys,
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a June Life Update, I decided not to this month because so much of it was grad related that I just figured I would make it into different blog posts, this being one of them. We had many events planned by grad exec. (the students elected to plan stuff for us) but not many planned by the students, this was maybe the first real official big one planned by students without grad exec. The week leading up to the event I planned on driving there with my friend Missy and only staying an hour or two because it went all afternoon ’till 9pm and I wasn’t very interested in staying the whole time. However on the day, right before leaving, I got a text from a guy in my grade who lives on my street asking for a ride so Missy and I went separately and I drove Calvin, the guy who lives on my street. We were one of the first to arrive but when we did arrive we walked up the driveway and there were balloons everywhere and it was pretty cool. I was expecting just a BBQ and some lawn chairs but they decorated it up so much ad had a photo booth and a shaved ice machine and a lemonade stand. The beginning of the event was pretty slow and people came and left but as the night went on the BBQ got better and better. It ended out being super fun and I stayed way longer than I thought I would, past 9. Since neither Calvin nor I had ever been to the house where the BBQ was hosted we used a GPS to get there, on the way back though we didn’t need the GPS because Calvin seems to have some crazy memory so he was my GPS, I just thought I’d share that because that blew my mind at how we only went their once and he already knew how to get back in the opposite direction.


All the girls (who were there at the time – more came and went)



This was taken around 8 or 9 pm and it was getting pretty cold so that is why we are all in blankets.



Shout out to Nicholas (tall guy in the middle) for letting me borrow his cool wooden sunglasses for the afternoon because it was so sunny and I couldn’t see.


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