May Life Update

The beginning of May started out pretty good. Why? Because I got to go to the chiropractor. What not many people know about me is that my back is pretty screwed up, I have a small case of scoliosis. However the chiropractor is too expensive to be going to all of the time to get it fixed so I only go a couple times a year & when I do go it is nice. The results only last three hours, then I bend or turn & a piece snaps back out of place then slowly over the next few days it all goes back to normal, my normal, not how it is supposed to be. But even so it is nice to go and get it readjusted when we can.

I stayed home from school on a Thursday to catch up on work I had to do for my online class. While at home I received some good news from my university I plan to attend so that was great. I told you guys in last month’s life update about my bad news I got from my university so we found a way around that, which is awesome.

Me wearing Candy K Lip Kit

We went to church on Mother’s Day, like always, and the church handed out little gifts (flowers and a book) to every lady who is 17 or older. After church my mom, sister and I went to go see the movie Mother’s Day. It was very funny. However there were two women sitting behind us who made not-so-quiet comments after every single line that was said, sometimes they would even just repeat lines that were just said. Eventually I just turned around and asked them very politely (even though I just wanted to hit them with a baseball bat) to please stop the commentary and these 40-50 year old blabber mouths just gave me the rudest look and started swearing at me. Fortunately though it did make them quiet down, not all the way but a little bit, for the last 20 minutes of the movie. I can’t stand people who talk in movie theaters, like everyone pays to go there so just please be respectful of everyone there. I paid to watch and listen to the movie, not to listen to you.

I went to see Captain America Civil War this month. I will be honest and say that, after seeing Batman vs Superman and disliking that movie so much, I was a bit worried to see Captain America Civil War because it also puts two popular people  (Captain America and Iron Man) against one another. Unlike Batman Vs Superman, I loved this movie. it was still pretty serious but still super funny. Iron man wasn’t as funny as he normally is but that is what is to be expected from a movie with a plot like this.

Something we have to do at my school in order to graduate is to have a grad conversation with a teacher. We talk about life after high school and our experience in high school and fun stuff like that’s. Hayley and I did ours as a group with one of the newer younger nicer teachers at our school. We all went to Tim horrors and it was super chill. Speaking of chill, while there during the grad convo I tried Tim Horton’s chocolate ice chill for the first time and it is so good!

My sister had her dance recital this moth, it was one of my favorite dance recitals I have seen so far.

I traveled to a youth conference with my  friend Missy, her sister J, her sister’s two friends (Ana and Sarah), and Ana’s mom and Missy’s mom. It was tons of fun. We left early and drove all day. We arrived at the hotel in the evening, put our bags in our rooms, then went for dinner. For dinner we went to a Chinese buffet and it was one of the biggest and most delicious Chinese buffets I have ever been to. After dinner we went back to the hotel and spent a little bit of time in the pool then got ready for the conference. We got to the conference an hour or more before it actually started because they had a hang out area where we had to register. There was also different booths in the area where stuff was sold and there was some free merch too.When we were allowed in the building to grab our seats there was a DJ and some dancers there to help hype up the crowd. Then, after the countdown, there was this spoken word guy who was super cool. After that there was Leeland who was amazing and played most of the weekend. That night we sat behind one youth group who had obviously never heard of deodorant, I sprayed him with my perfume at one point (because I couldn’t breath) then five minutes later his smell overpowered my perfume smell and we were back to breathing in body odor. This smelly guy also liked to yell and bang around so we made sure never to sit near him again for the rest of the weekend. Missy and I shared a hotel room, J and her friends shared a hotel room, and the moms shared a hotel room. The next day at 8am we all went into the mom’s room for breakfast (fruit and mini muffins), Missy french braided my hair then we left for the conference. This time, to hype us up, there was a rapper named Terrance Richmond. He was really good. We left the place at lunch and the mom’s brought us subway which we ate in the hotel rooms. Missy and I decided to eat and watch TV while in our room and we saw this show called Single Dads Seeking which was actually quite entertaining. After lunch we went to a new location for breakout sessions (so you could choose from tons of options and decided what you want to hear about). After that was dinner, we had reservations at Boston Pizza. I ordered a wonderful penne pasta with lots of cheese and chicken and bacon. Once dinner was over we went back to the original location, but we got back a little late so we had to sit in the balcony. I did not mind the idea of sitting in the balcony because it meant, since I was short, I could actually be up high and see the whole stage and what was actually happening. However it turns out the majority of the chatty people sit up there. We had a philipeno youth group behind us who talked non stop.  When we left that night Sarah, who is philipeno told us everything the people behind us were saying haha. That night Missy and I had a bit of a party in our room. We had pop, chips, chocolate, and the TV. It was super fun and I loved being able to spend the weekend with her and J, Ana, and Sarah. For Sunday the conference was basically just a church service then we drove back home. The conference was so amazing and I was such a fan of Leeland and the speakers. It totally blew my socks off.

We got locked out of concession at school. The school concession is like our cafeteria (just much smaller) and is where all the grads hang out. An email went out to all of the staff at the school saying that they could not, under any circumstance, let any students into the concession any more but it did not say why. We finally learnt why and it was for one of the most stupid reasons ever. Students who are skipping sometimes go in there. Most of the teachers were even saying how stupid that was. If students are going to skip they are going to skip, it is nobody’s business but their own. Also they will also skip and go to the library, or hang out in the halls, or hide in the bathroom, or just go home. Yet they (well really just one of the vice principals) think if they close the concession to everyone (even the people who have spares) that it will stop all the skipping. So now we are stuck sitting in the hallway all day because that is the only place we are allowed to sit and talk and eat. This is a private school, we pay to go there, and the only place to sit and talk is the hallway. It is absolutely  ridiculous. What do your schools have for people to sit and hang out? I know some of my old schools had rooms for students to hang out in, or giant boxes on one floor that people can sit or lay on.

Missy had a birthday party. It was glow in the dark themed and super fun, such a great group of people. There were tons of games, just dance, food, and a movie.

I recently found out that a girl in my grade, who has tons of mutual friends with me, Lindsay, will be going to the same university as me next year so she asked me if I wanted to dorm with her. I said yes. Both of us were a little nervous about dorming with a stranger so this works out well. However we are still trying to figure out the dorm plan, and which building we will be in because we have been contacting the dorm adviser and organizer and there was a little bit of a fiasco and a huge misunderstanding so we are still waiting for everything to be sorted out. One misunderstanding that I am still not completely over is the beds. On the university’s website they show a picture of the dorm room layouts and it showed two separate beds in the dorm I signed up for (one of the reasons I signed up for that dorm) but in reality it turns out that it has bunk beds, the layout lied, so that is a bit aggravating and quite unfortunate. If you live in a dorm with bunk beds and have any tips, please comment them below, or even just comment how it is going/what it is like having bunk beds in a dorm.

That’s all for this month, can’t wait to catch up with you all at the end of June.

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