April Life Update

April seems like the longest month so far. I can barely remember the beginning on April, it feels like forever ago.

My teacher assigned the class a project to do alone or in a group. My friend, Gauge, and I decided that we would do ours together. The new girl at our school asked if she could joint our group and of course we said yes. So we changed our plans around like a billion times to accommodate her, Gauge and I have pretty open schedules but she has a very busy and complex schedule. Then last minute, the day before,  She dropped out of our group!  Gauge and I still found a way to make it work. It was a food and research project so I went to Gauge’s and we cooked our dish together. I saw an eggplant in real life (not just the emoji) for the first time while cooking our meal, because it had eggplant in it.  The next day was the beginning of food week, a week where we presented our projects and meals, it was pretty fun. Shout out to Katarina and her group for making macaroons. It was my very first macaroon ever and I loved it.
Side note: If anyone wants to make a trench coat for me out of eggplant skins/peels I will love you forever. The color of an eggplant is gorgeous and the skin/peel is water repellent, perfect for a jacket! Except for the fact that it’s a plant and will mold….

Last month I heard that I was getting a vox box from Influenster, a site that I have been a part of since March 2015. My John Frieda Vox Box from Influenster package came. I was over the moon. Read all about it in my last post or click  here . A video is coming soon.

In my grade there is a youtuber named Lex, he’s pretty chill at school, on Youtube though he is called MrTLexify and has a pretty decent sized following. He makes gaming videos and 12 year old boys just adore him. I looked up his subscribers number while writing this and Lex is currently at 756,248 subscribers. Sometimes at school when someone is really mad at another person the angry person will release the other person’s cellphone number onto Lex’s instagram and say that it MrTLexify’s number, then that person gets spammed from all the little boys who follow Lex. I remember once Lex tagged me in the background of one of his photos and I got spammed for months. People get pretty tired of fanboys trying to go through us to get to Lex. Anyways this kid somehow got hold of my friend’s number & was looking for Lex. There was a big group of us who all had a spare and were just chilling together when this happened to the group decided to prank this kid and pretend that one of the guys chilling with us was Lex. It was funny because he sounds nothing like Lex so we only expected it to go on for a minute tops. It started out so funny but then the kid never caught on that it wasn’t Lex and the guy on the phone with the fanboy just started going on and on  and wouldn’t hang up so we started to feel a bit bad. Then the bell rang and we had to go to class but the guy on the phone and this other girl said they would fix it and make it right.

My Fabletics came. I showed you guys what I got and I talked all about it in my Malva post, click here to read it. It came right after school just before my workout dancefit class. So like perfect timing. Normally it is just Missy and I that go to workout together but for this one class Missy’s mom Carla came with us and so did our long time school and church friend Rachel.

Left to right: Missy, Carla, Me, Rachel

My Kylie Lip Kit came! I have been wearing that a ton. A  video is coming soon (I just need to fix my computer first).

My sister, Alex, and I went hiking which was tons of fun. “We went hiking up the biggest mountain we know, and let me just say…. I overestimated my ability to walk up a hill. I had to take a break part way up and we were lapped but you know what? We did it and it was amazing.” You can read more about it in my Malva post.

I accidentally deleted my blog photos. Yay me -_-  . When you add photos to your blog on wordpress you click the add photos button then there’s a pop up with all your photos you’ve uploaded to your blog. I thought that whole thing with the pop up and photos was more of just a transportation from computer to blog. Like a train. My photos are the people. So the people (my photos) get on the train (the pop up photo storage thing) and the train delivers them to where they need to go (my blog). Once they (the photos) are where they need to go (my blog) they no longer need to stay on the train (the pop up thing). So I deleted them from the pop up thingy (the train) and that deleted them all from my blog. So I had to go back and re-add as many as I could into my posts.

This month I found out that one of my top schools that I wanted to go to, Liberty University, is just not affordable. This is a real shame because I was really interested in going to the biggest christian school in the world; it has double the amount of students as the second largest christian school in the world. In a way it might be a bit good though because snow is for visiting not for living in.

There were a couple hot days so we ate lunch and spent our spares outside on those days. We played a lot of frisbee. One time we were playing frisbee and one of our friends, Zach, brought his convertible around and parked it right by us, opened his trunk and played music through his amp that he keeps in his trunk it was really fun. Lucas, an exchange student from Brazil who girls are obsessed with, and my friend Gaby’s younger brother, came and joined us playing frisbee. He is like a frisbee ninja and all of us Canadians in the group are just beginners so it was a very humbling experience haha. He was nice about it though. My iPod crashed that day and stayed crashed for a couple days following. I have no idea why it crashed but a couple days later I was able to fix it by restoring it through my computer. Sometimes (most of the time) I hate Apple products. They are just so unreliable. Missy was in my area that afternoon so I went to her place before our workout that night and we just hung out. We had enchiladas for dinner and they were amazing. I meant to have my mom ask Missy’s mom for the recipe but I forgot until I was writing this right now so I’ll need to do that. We then went to workout but after the workout we had to pull over to take some photos of the sunset. We always have the most beautiful sunsets after our workouts.

Gauge and I skipped chapel once this month to go to her university and deal with university stuff. Then, since we were in the area, we went to Tim’s (Tim Horton’s) and she got some food and bought a 40 pack of donuts for us to split. That was really nice of her, also the worker there was over the top nice which was just amazing to see and really made me happy to stop in there. On our way out some guys asked us for donuts and we were like umm no. so then one guy asked for our number which we also said no to. It was really funny. That whole day was amazing.

I handed out my resume to all the places I handed it out before, plus some more. The people I gave it to were a lot nicer this time around. One girl even complemented my shoes and I was like “Thanks, they’re from here.” I handed my resume into Guess just as they were looking over other people’s resumes, so I was really hoping that meant I had a chance, but they haven’t called back yet.


My dad patiently waiting for my to finish up

Someone(s) tried to hack me on 6 different accounts in one week so I changed all my passwords. That sucked.

I got in a fight with my sister,Alex, because she is a new teenager and has all those lovely perks that come with being a new teenager. So she started flipping out at me for no reason and was being ungrateful for me driving her everywhere, and was just being terribly rude, so I told her I wasn’t driving her to school until she apologized. Which she didn’t so my mom came home and drove her to school then I drove myself later. During my A block spare Nicholas, who is my age but works in the concession/miniature cafeteria asked if we could help do the dishes since the dishwasher broke. We felt bad for him so we did. It ended out being lots of fun; we were whipping each other with the towels and just having a blast. Also he gave us chocolate milk and coffee afterwards. I hung out with Gauge that day because her afternoon class was cancelled so we went to the mall and had lunch at the food court. After that we went to her house, which is only a 10 minute drive from the school. I had to pick my sister up from school and drive her home so I left Gauge’s at 3:06, knowing that it was only a 10 minute drive (I wanted my sister to wait for a while so she would have time to think and be more grateful for me driving her). The traffic was so horrendous that it turned the 10 minute drive to almost a whole hour drive! She was definitely thankful when I finally picked her up. Besides LA that was the worst traffic I had ever been in. I got a call from my university saying that I was accepted and got a scholarship which was all great news, until she told me that my business course that I’ve been taking online doesn’t count as a grade 12 course at their school so I am one course short. So now I either have to go into a support class from people who don’t have enough credits or are international students who don’t speak English well, or take another class over the summer online or in summer school. I was so devastated when I heard this I was just balling my eyes out. I’ve been on High Honor roll basically every year of high school, I am not someone who needs to be in a support group. And I had plans for my last summer in before university, like working and hanging out with friends, I don’t want to spend it in a classroom all day. So I have to figure out what I am going to do now to fix this. I went to youth that night, a little bit late because I had to clean myself up first, and that was fun. One girl brought a cookie dough dip and I think I ate half of it all by myself, it was delicious.

Notable mentions:
-Shasta, my dog, ate (more like inhaled) my sock.
-My group has been playing tons of Cards Against Humanity.
-I picked  up my grad dress and took it home. It still needs to be altered but that’s happening later.
-University meeting. We got pizza, and water, and it was fun. Prizes were given out, but the three prizes went to the three people who aren’t actually going to that university next year but just went to the meeting.
-Going with gauge to get the old Pram stroller. It was so pretty but so heavy.


Songs I’ve Been Loving:
I’m Going to Show You Crazy – Bebe Rhexa
West Coast – Lana Del Rey
I Took A Pill In Ibiza -Mike Posner
Army – Ellie Goulding
Might Not – Belly ft. The Weeknd
New Romantics – Taylor Swift
Castle – Halsey (The Huntsman Version)
Creep – Prince Cover at Coachella
Won’t Go Home Without You – Maroon 5
Talk is Cheap/Feel It On Your Own – Harry Styles
Best Fake Smile – James Bay
Makes Me Wonder – Maroon5
It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls
Little Red Corvette – Prince

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