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Sam here. About a year ago I heard about Influenster (

) and I signed up right away because the whole idea of the community on Influenster and their VoxBoxes they give out is just so cool. I have been waiting and waiting to get a vox box for, what feels like, so long. So when I heard I was getting one I was over the moon. It came in the mail like this so the first thing I saw was me&john written in big letters right on the front.

Inside the box were three John Frieda Products: Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment, Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo,and last but not least Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Conditioner.

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment (above) promised that I would “see a lighter shade of brunette in 1 wash” and had a photo on the side  of the box (which I show in my unboxing video which I will post as soon as I can. My computer isn’t letting my download or edit videos so I’ll tweet and let you know when that is done then add it to this post as well) that showed super dark brown hair that was practically black going to hair that was the same shade as the brown on that box (above). It did not work like that for me at all. There was no difference, especially not a noticeable one. I probably wouldn’t buy this product, because it didn’t work, but if I ever happened to get my hands on this for free or super cheap then I would definitely try again because I really like the idea of it and wished it worked.

I haven’t used much of the Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo just because I have a different shampoo right now that I use most of the time. I did use it a couple times after trying the In-Shower Treatment, hoping that the shampoo would magically make it work. It didn’t. When I would wash it out of my hair I noticed a goldish yellow color going into my water and down my drain. The shampoo bottle does say it puts gold undertones or something like that into your hair so that’s probably what it is; hopefully the color going down my drain is a good sign saying that the shampoo might work with lightening my hair.

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Conditioner I am in love with. I haent noticed any lightening but it makes my hair so soft and smooth once I get out of the shower and it is amazing. The first day I was making everyone feel my hair. The softness lasted the blowdrying once I got out of the shower, and the hair straightening, and all the petting of my hair. The Conditioner is definitely something that I recommend and would buy again.

An unboxing video is coming asap.

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Disclaimer: All these products were sent to me for free but all opinions are my own.