I remember when I was younger my dad used to take me hiking every single saturday. As I got older my life got busier, and as my life got busier I got more and more out of shape. Recently I have started exercising more (going to dance, going to the gym, doing dancefit, etc) because it is something that I do actually enjoy. I was remembering how I used to hike every week so I asked my sister if she would like to go hiking with me. We went hiking up the biggest mountain we know, and let me just say…. I overestimated my ability to walk up a hill. I had to take a break part way up and we were lapped but you know what? We did it and it was amazing. I don’t plan on hiking (at least not up such a big hill right away) anytime soon again, I got my fix , but I am so proud of us for doing this. Also it was nice for my sister and I to just hang out. Thank you sister for taking these photos for me.

Outfit details:
Shirt: Hera Tee from
Leggings: Salar Legging in Black $48
Sports bra: Dash Bra
Set: Malva $35 (American dollar) Shop here

While I was in the States on vacation I saw a commercial on TV for Fabletics. It said “Get your first set for $30” so obviously I was psyched about that and had to buy an outfit. But there’s a bit of a catch. You only get your first outfit for a discount (40-50% off) if you sign up to be a member, which normally I don’t mind being a member but being a member also had a catch. Fabletics is sort of like a subscription, like a magazine. You sign up to become a member and pay $50 a month, every month. The good part though is that you can skip a month, which means you don’t have to pay, it also means you don’t get a discount when you shop that month, and you have 5 days to skip the month. You can read all about this on their website.
Tip: The whole set is amazing (the leggings are literally my favorite) but the sports bra is not good for workouts because it does not offer much support. It is great for hikes though.

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