March Life Update

Hey you guys,
As it says in the title, this is my March life update. This one is a little bit different, I’m adding some new things into these posts from now on like my WeHeartIt Round Ups and songs I’ve been loving. I love doing these because it lets you know a little bit more about my life and helps us connect on a more personal level.

At the beginning of March I made a bloglovin & Pinterest account. But the first day  I had the pinterest account I pinned only one or two pins and I think i got banned. Not sure how. On Pinterest my name is ShortGirlSam so I don’t know if you can actually find me or not.

I got some bad news from one of the schools I was applying to in California.  I’ve walmost always wanted to live in California, because I’m always cold and SoCal is so warm so it would be perfect for me. So anyways before applying to this school I messaged them and asked them if I would have to take SATs and they said no but then the bad news was basically just them saying I ddo have to take SATs, even though they orriginally said no. Since I live in Canada it’s harder to take SATs also I just dont think it’s worth it. So that ruled my California school (my first choice because it’s Cali) out of the running. Now I’m debating between two that both have equal goods and bads with each other and it is a very tough decision and I have to decide this week or next. If you are in University I would love to hear how you decided which university to go to!

I went to my first dancefit class. My friend invited me to go with her so I picked her up (because it’s on the way) and drove us there. The weather was terrible that evening and I could barely see the lines on the road.Both my friend and I had done dance for a couple years (or more) and I love working out in the school weight room so this is mixing my love for dance and working out together. I thought the class would be pretty easy, mostly dance because it says dance fit, like dance to get fit. but its a lot more of workout moves to music. most of the time the workout moves are in a routine or choreographed but we also do tons of stuff like squats and deadbugs, waaay more than I was expecting. It’s pretty intense and I’m always sore for days afterwards. This is something that my friend and I are planning on attending on a regular basis.

I entered a facebook contest put on by a local business and won (woot woot) a free set of eyelash extensions. I never had eyelash extensions before so this was something entirely new for me. On the last day before spring break my friend, Gauge, and I drove up to her place to get them done. Gauge came to keep me company and to hang out, which was really kind. She sat me in a chair and told me what all would happen and how it works. I complemented her chair because it felt like a cloud, I could’ve fallen asleep on it, and she told me how most eyelash extension places have beds that are more like chiropractor beds, which can hurt your back if you are laying on it for an hour or more.She said that, since she has to go to other places to get hers done, she knows how the other beds feel and just wanted to invest in an amazing chair/bed for her business.I was so impressed when I got to see my lashes, they felt like the lashes that i was meant to be born with. I got tons and tons of complements, from people I knew and from random strangers (and my dad even noticed). Some people even came up to me asking for the name of my girl saying that they were the best eyelash extensions that they had seen. I am so thankful that I was able to get these done. The girl who runs the business was just so kind and amazing the whole thing was a wonderful experience. Also I will be posting a vlog about it on YouTube soon so keep your eyes open for that (it include me crying haha). After my eyelash appointment Gauge came back to my place and we just hung out and played life and it was super chill.

Spring break takes place in March so that was great. Except I got sick for the first week so that knocked me out and forced me to cancel some of my plans. I had so much extra time in my day during spring break that I went to coffee shops at lunch with my dad then, on another day, with my mom. This was nice because it let me spend some more time with my family. I went hiking with my friend Aislynn. The view during the hike and when we reached the top was just super pretty. I love being able to get out in nature every once and a while and just explore with some friends. The next day I met up with Gaby & Missy and we drove to a park and to go get some food. It was really fun. I’d never actually hung out with Gaby in a small group outside of school before so I was really happy that I got to and I really learnt a lot about her which was just so amazing. the weather outside was also pretty nice that day and it was just a great group of friends to be around so it was amazing.

My family went on a small vacation which was great. Our hotel room was huge and all the people in the city were so nice. The first full day there we went out to downtown and did some shopping. I bought an Archie comic book. The following day my family and I  went swimming &  drove to a nearby city to go shopping in one of their huge malls. The next day we just chilled at hotel watching Tv and playing board games because it was raining. The day after it cleared up a bit and we went to visit my grandparents for lunch & went shopping. I bought a clothing rack which I have been wanting for a while now. I’m not even going to lie, one of my favorite things about traveling is the hotels and the different channels that the hotel tv’s have. One channel I always enjoy watching at hotels is E!, I don’t have that channel at my house and I love watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians while on vacation. Another show that I got to watch (for the first time) was Duck Dynasty. I am such a big Sadie Robertson fan so it was cool to see her actual show. Also Si is hilarious; I was watching one episode where they have a medieval/King Arthur themed party and everyone was saying “Huzzah” but Si kept saying “What’s up” and it was just so funny.

Easter happened. It was our first holiday service at our new church. The service was incredible. That night I had a sleepover with Missy. Our sleepovers are always the best we hang out and watch TV and go for walks then during the night we have some serious real talk going on and we can just talk about anything with each other so it’s the best.

I saw Batman vs Superman. My thoughts on it are below in Italic so if you want to read it cool, if you don’t it’s easy to skip over.
I had seen batman dark knight before and liked it, and I had seen Man of Steel before and absolutely loved it. This movie was more batman style. It didn’t have much talking, and most of the talking scenes were under 40 seconds, so very short. The only way I could describe the filming style is maybe sorta like an artsy documentary with no narration. Lots of just watching what the characters were doing, not really any conversations or talking or explanations. I wish I had taken a notepad with me to take notes about the movie because I had many thoughts during it, but I wanted to experience the movie fully and was expecting it to be good. Unfortunately the movie was incredibly boring. I feel like they tried to make up for lack of character interactions/communications/development with explosions. Now I am all for explosions, (I love shows like the Avengers movies, Spider Man, Star Wars and, like I said earlier, Man of Steel. All shows with quite a bit of fighting and explosions.) but if all you have for your whole movie is lame fight scenes and big explosions then maybe you should rethink your abilities as a movie maker. I was just about ready to leave the theater and go home because I was soooo bored. At this point I would’ve rated it a 1 or 2/10. I didn’t leave though, because I really wanted to like the movie so I kept waiting for something entertaining to happen. Three fourths ( 3/4) of the way in through the movie, a scene finally peaked my interest (When Batman is with Martha, Superman’s mother). After that, and when Wonder Woman joined in, it finally got interesting. The ending made me rate it a 6.5 or 7/10. But again that was only the last 25% of the movie.I would also like to add that I did appreciate the strong female roles in the movie. The Senator Finch, Lois Lane, and obviously Wonder Woman.
If you like to just watch explosions and that is it you’ll probably love this movie.
My whole family went together. My mom and dad thought it was overall an okay movie, like me. Same with my 14 year old sister. My 8 year old brother didn’t say what he thought but he was crying buckets at the end. There are some scary moments in the movie, and lots of violence so I would suggest teens and up.
Right after the movie we went home and my sister and I took our laptops and sat on them for an hour waiting for the Kylie Lip Kits to be restocked. We had missed out on ordering them every time before, and this time Kylie Jenner released the date and time of the restock, so my sister and I were determined to get a lip kit this time. We were like dancing around the house when we got the confermation email for our orders so you can be expecting a review soon. Also if anyone has Kourt K I would love to watch/read a review and see swatches (so comment below links or photos and all that fun stuff).

I heard I’ll be getting A Voxbox from John Frieda and Influenster so I am super excited for that and you can be too because I will be doing an unboxing and a review.

I had my dancefit workout with  Missy . She messaged me a half hour before I had to leave, which normally would be fine, except I was thinking that it was the next day so I had to rush to get ready and I wasnt sure if my parents took both the keys to the cars and all that. Getting ready was just about as stressful as trying to order a Kylie Lip Kit. The workout was amazing though. After the workout I ordered some new workout clothes from Fabletics (Which you know if you follow me on Twitter @Shortgirlsam). I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ll show you guys how it looks and write a review and tell  all about my experience with Fabletics.

Songs I’ve Been Loving:
One Time – Marian Hill
Losers – The Weeknd
Clique/Diva – Beyoncé and Jay Z
Bent – Matchbox Twenty
Crazy In Love – Beyonce
All Me – Drake
Don’t You Want Me – Glee
Say My Name – Postmodern Jukebox
When We Were Young – Adele
Chandelier – Jordan Smith
Hands To Myself/Me & My Girls – Selena Gomez
7 Years – Lukas Graham
Love Yourself vs F*ck Yourself – Yo Preston ft Kelly Kiara (personally I like the girl’s part best)
Ex’s and Oh’s – Postmodern Jukebox
Cry Me A River – Postmodern Jukebox
Angel – The Weeknd
The Halftime Show with Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Colplay
Drunk In Love – Beyoncé ft Jay Z
Upgrade U – Beyoncé and Jay Z
Bright Lights – Matchbox Twenty
Real Life – The Weeknd
The Roll Call Song – Twaimz
Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

we heart it


That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed my life update.

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