February Life Update

Hey you guys,
Welcome back to my blog; so happy to have you here. February is my favorite winter month, besides December, because it is my birthday month! Woot Woot!

The beginning of February was also a beginning of a new semester at school. This semester we got something that we don’t get a lot… a new girl. My group saw how sweet she was and knew we wanted her, as a friend, right away. We are friends now which is totally awesome because I just love meeting new people and she is super nice. The beginning of February is also when Valentines Day videos on YouTube start going up. I am in a group chat on twitter with a bunch of other girl youtubers from around the world and we all decided that we wanted to do a collab for Valentines Day so I did that, my biggest collab ever. You can check out the video here.

I had my birthday! I celebrated it on 5 different days some it was more like a birthweek. It was super fun. I had dinners with friends, and a lunch with friends, and a dinner with my family and it all was just so nice. Also, on my birthday I also found and bought my grad dress! I am so excited to show you it!

I finished all my university applications in February #Finally. I have heard back from two out of the three saying that I got in; I’m just waiting to hear back from the last one. Now to start applying for scholarships…

Hayley and I went to my house one day and sucked all the helium out of the balloons from my birthday. It was her first time ever sucking helium. I’ll be uploading a video of that to my YouTube channel soon so make sure that you’re subscribed.

I printed off 20 resumes and have started applying to more places for jobs.

I did a lookbook with Hayley which was so fun. But before we even started the lookbook we went to McDonald’s, which we seem to do a lot. We went around town trying to find cool places to take photos. One look is lready posted on my blog (check it out here) and the other two are still to come; I’ll also be posting the video version on my YouTube channel soon. We literally changed in the back of my car inbetween every single look. I think changing in the back of a car will never not be funny for me, even though we do it so much. At least this time we got a car and not in an open area with just a couple bushes around in the middle of a forest like we did for our fall lookbook (which you can watch here). That was hilarious.

img-thing dons

Hayley, my sister, and I went to youth group one week. It was a lot of fun. My younger sister and I went to go pick up Hayley after her soccer practice then went to McDonald’s then went to youth. I had the Jr.Chicken Burger at McDon’s and oh my goodness it is life! like actually it is soooo good! The sermon at youth was also good. They were doing a series called Define The Relationship and this week’s was dating and most people know that I love to talk about relationships and dating so it was something I enjoyed listening to. The youth pastor had some really good points too, some things I hadn’t really thought of before. For example, one question he asked was “are you the type of person that the type of person you are looking for is looking for?” That may sound confusing but basically if you are wanting someone sporty, they probably want someone sporty too. If you want someone who is religious, they probably want someone too. Like you cant go to bars and clubs and expect to find smart and cute bookworm geeky guys, you’re going to find other clubbers and drunks. F 10 Light Bulb

Hayley and I also both have only morning classes most days so one day in the afternoon we decided to go out shopping and for some froyo. It was super fun to just have some girl time outside of school. On Feb.29 (leap year day!) my friends and i ditched the afternoon and went to the mall. To be honest, I strongly believe that feb 29th should be a holiday, like come on world! Even though it’s not a holiday (yet) we bought a cake, double chocolate fudge, to celebrate leap year day. It was a great day.