January (2016) Life Update

Hey you guys,
January is a time for new beginnings but it started out with an old tradition. Every year my sister and I watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and eat junk food. It’s great. So, to ring in 2016, that’s what we did. Then, shortly after, school started up again. We finally got our grad photos done, overall I am pretty happy with them. I still need to actually order the photos though haha.

My world religions class went to a synagogue, a Christian house of prayer, and a Mosque. I loved these trips and I am so sad that the class is now over. Every single place we went to was so unique but they were all so kind, generous, informative, and amazing. The Imam speaking to us at the Mosque was so kind and funny and he was quick to bring up Isis and explain what’s going on there and that Isis is (obviously) not a true representation of the religion, at all, and explained he why. Every experience and place we went to was great but I just thought that I would include that because right now the media is portraying Muslims in a bad light. The pictures below are from the synagogue except for the bottom right which is just our delicious food from the house of prayer.


My mom and I did a day trip shopping around where we live and didn’t really find anything so the next week my dad, brother, mom, and I did a day trip farther out. My dad only came to drive, and my brother to keep my dad company. I have a vlog up for the first trip that you can watch here and a vlog will be coming soon for the second trip.

I opened my first bank account during January. I had a joint savings account with my mom but I thought it was about time that I open my own chequeing account by myself. Then after opening the account we went straight to the mall because there were some big sales going on and shopped for like four hours. I have a haul video here which you can watch.

I got to catch up with one of my best friends, Aislynn. We both have pretty busy lives and don’t go to the same school which makes it harder for us to find time to hang out so I am very grateful for when we are able to meet up. We had a blast and basically just strolled around downtown and found an adorable new coffee shop.


I also went to Hayley’s, some of you may know her from my YouTube channel because we often make videos together. She asked me to come over at 9am but I wasn’t able to until 10 but even then I came 20 minutes late. When I got to her house I rang the bell and knocked on the door for about 12 minutes. I messaged her as well but got no response. I was outside her house for around 20 minutes or so when she finally came down and said, “sorry I was still sleeping.” So that was an interesting start. After that Hayley, her sister, and I went shopping and did a video and just had so much fun. That evening I went to youth and ate cinnamon buns and drank hot chocolate. Afterwards I had an impromptu sleepover/girls night with my other best friend, Missy. We watched Moms Night Out, which is hilarious, and ate popcorn then fell asleep around one or two. The next day we went to watch our school’s basketball game, which was actually interesting, then just continued to hang out, talk, and watch tv.

Overall January has been a great start to 2016.

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p.s. I’ve also filled out all but one of my university applications and probably around a million scholarship applications. I don’t understand why university is so ridiculously expensive.