My 2016 Bucket List

Hey you guys,
With it being the beginning of a new year I decided to share my 2016 bucket list with you. Some things are super random and far out there but it’s just of things that I think would be cool to do this year. I will write blog posts about doing some of these and also, at the end of 2016, I will check off all the ones I completed in a new post and add on anything else cool and note worthy that I did.

My 2016 Bucket List:

  • Get a dress I love for grad
  • graduate
  • get accepted to a university
  • win a scholarship
  • buy studio lights and a white backdrop
  • write a letter to some people who I think are cool (like Sadie Robertson and Kristina Bazan)
  • reach 1k followers on my @tw.ster instagram account
  • Get on the high honour roll again
  • buy a trench coat
  • raise some money for university
  • get a job
  • go camping with my friends
  • skip school on Feb 29th (because it’s a leap year this year) and buy the awesome cake I had at Gauge’s birthday party
  • reach 1k followers on my blog
  • reach 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel
  • get in shape/healthier
  • make my own grad wear
  • volunteer
  • intern someplace cool that I would be interested in working at
  • get a pen pal
  • open a small and simple online store
  • buy a cell phone
  • write. a lot.
  • Make my dorm room or apartment (depending on where I go) look cool


What are some the things on your bucket list? Comment them below, I’d love to know!


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