December Life Update

Guys, It’s my December life update (as the title so clearly states)!!! This may be a long one because December is an eventful month.
At my school we have the elementary which is preschool to grade 7, and the high school which is grade 8 – 12. Unfortunantly, since there is no real middle school, the kids don’t grow up as fast as ones normally do in public school; so when the grade eights are in the highschool they still act like elementary schoolers. This causes a lot of distaste for their grade. However, On the first day of December one of the grade eight classes went around and gave out candycanes to all the other classes in the school. No only is this great Christmas spirit, but it also helps put a positive light on the grade eights. I loved it.

Some of my girl friends and I went out for lunch (Tim Horton’s) during December. It was great to be able to go out and just talk outside of school. With school word, family plans, and outside activities, getting to all hangout together outside of school can be hard so this was very nice.

Olympic rower, Silken Laumann, came to our school this month. She has a really inspirational story, even if you are not a sports person, so I suggest looking her up. She came to tell us her story and she talked to us about never giving up, and that you can always find a way to make your dreams a reality. If you want to learn more about her you can google her or click her first and last name above which lead to two different links about her.

December also means Winter Formal. So I was shopping for that basically every day up ’till the event; looking for shoes, curling irons, and accessories. I found really nice accessories at Charming Charlie and Ardenes which I got tons of compliments on throughout the dinner.



My brother had his church Christmas performance at one of our churches and he also had a school one at our other church. I loved watching them both and I realized that this is probably one of the last times I would see them in person because of university. Just a reminder to not take anything for granted, not even the small things.

I got accepted into one of the universities that I applied to so that was nice. It’s the university with the really nice dorms (I get my own room and just have to share a washroom with one other person) so that’s exciting.

My World Religions class has really picked up during December as well we’ve gone to a Hindu temple, a Tibetan Buddhist temple, and a Sikh temple this month. All of which were such a pleasure to visit. At the Hindu temple we talked a lot about reincarnation and the beliefs that Hindus have. We also got to see their worship room, with the incense and the bell. I really loved how they believe that everything living is equal, including animals and plants. So they treat others and the world with more care and respect than most. Buddhist have a similar view, which makes sense because the founder of Buddhism’s dad was Hindu. At the Tibetan Buddhist temple he talked mostly about life in general with us then taught us how to meditate. We did both sitting and walking meditation. I never knew it could be so hard. I think I had to refocus my mind 50 times while meditating on the floor for only 5 minutes. Walking meditation was no easier for me. I tripped. Four times. On the last day of school we went to a Sikh temple, the one I had probably been most excited for because I have a Sikh friend. They told us their beliefs, sang for us, and then fed us. I was so full and happy and grateful when I left.

my D block spare (and sometimes my C) has been much more interesting this month. Some girls and I (and one dude) have been sitting in the concession (one of the only nice looking rooms in our school and the only room with a couch) during our spare and it’s been a blast. They are girls who aren’t in my usually group and I just love getting to know new people. Also these girls and one dude are just super nice and funny. It’s been great, especially because at my school it’s hard to hang out with people who are in different friend groups (the school has cliques with walls stronger than the great wall of china).

My bangs arrived in the mail from the Hairdo It Girl contest which I referenced in my November life update. I’ll have a video and blog post about it. The bangs are super fun. I love that I can just put them in whenever I want and it instantly changes my look. And the color of the bangs. I just wish the color of the bangs was the same color as my hair.

I also won an Indigo gift card and cute little poster that I will probably frame and hang) as part of a promotion for a local event.

My friend group did a gift exchange/secret santa which was fun. I got my guy (who also ended out getting me) a travel mug, and he got me a lush bath bomb which smells delish. Gauge and I also gave each other gifts. Then Jerms without telling anyone gave us gifts as well, even though we sort of had an unspoken but understood no gift rule but it was really nice. Then I gave out a little gift (cookies and candy I made) and a card to my other influential friends (who aren’t in my little group).

The last day of school was probably one of the best days of school I’ve had. First we went to the Sikh temple which was amazing (!!!), then afterwards was Chapel Lite. Chapel Lite is a huge Christmas performance thing that my school does every year. Students and classes sign up to perform random skits, dances, readings, and songs. Then when that is done it is lunch and we get to go home. I went to Hayley’s house, for the first time, after school and we hung out, played cards, ate, and filmed some videos together. In the evening we left her house and went to her youth. At youth we ate potatoes, gravy, and turkey for dinner then brownies for dessert. We also did a gift exchange there. I saw a quote and it was “It’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas” and laughed because gift exchanges are starting to add up, but that’s okay.

On Christmas Eve my family went to the candle light service at one of the local churches and my brother read up front so that was cute. Even if you aren’t religious at all I suggest going to a candlelight service at a church on Christmas Eve because it’s so pretty. You sing Christmas songs and all that Christmassy stuff then they let everyone light their candle and turn off the lights. The whole room is lit by the candles and it’s just so beautiful. For that event I wore my black long leg romper, black heels, and a sparkly silver necklace. For my makeup I did big lashes and red lips. After we go to the candlelight service, every year, we grab pizza (a super spicy one and a meat lovers) and eat maybe more pizza than we should then open some small presents (around 3-4 each).

Christmas morning started a little strange. Normally it starts with me being asleep and my sister barging into my room and screaming that it’s Christmas then dragging me upstairs. This year I got to give her a taste of her own medicine. We opened present in our pajamas and that was fun (You can watch my What I Got For Christmas video on my YouTube channel). That evening we watched Christmas With The Kranks for the first time, we always heard good reviews so we decided to try it out. I spent the whole movie waiting for it to get good because everybody raves about it. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t very good.

The day after boxing day my family went to go visit our grandparents, uncles, and cousins. That was fun. We ate, we opened presents, and we watched maybe 100 episodes of Say Yes To The Dress because I have two cousins who are both engaged.

This last week of December we went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Spoiler it’s awesome (except for one part which is sad but was sorta predicted). We’re going to go see it again in January in 3D. Speaking of January/2016 and movies… there are SO MANY amazing movies coming out that I just can’t wait to go see!!! The new Captain America, Batman V Superman, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (not exactly sure what that’ll be all about but it has Star Wars in the title so..), Gods of Egypt, God’s Not Dead 2 (not sure how that’ll be but the first one was interesting so I’ll probably go see this one too), The Huntsman: Winter’s War, etc.

That week we also had an earthquake during the night. This was the first earthquake I had ever felt and I forgot basically everything that school taught us except to go under something, so I went under my bed. It was so scary but not much damage came from it (it was about a 4 or a 5). Facebook & my group chats were exploding. That is not something I ever want to experience again. Have you ever been in an earthquake? If so you should comment below.

Overall December has been great. What were some of your favorite moments from December?

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p.s. I also listened to Harry Style’s 4 new songs, even though I am not a 1D or Harry Style fan, and I am dying inside. The songs are so sad and so good and I’m pretty sure 1D will not be getting back together ever (unless they do a reunion show where they sing just their old stuff). It just makes me very emotional and emotionally conflicted. My sis and I were listening to the songs together and she was like crying. I suggest going and listening to the songs because they are actually so good and so different from the typical 1D songs and pretty different from each other as well. If you’ve listened to Harry’s new songs, write a comment below of what you think of them and if you think One Direction will actually end up getting back together or not (we can be in emotional distress together).