WeHeartIt Round Up # 2

Hey you guys,
Here is my second WeHeartIt Round Up (as the title so clearly states). I decided to share some of the things that inspire me. Maybe they’ll inspire you too.  Every once and a while I will post a WeHeartIt RoundUp so that you can see some of what is going on on my WeHeartIt account (or you could just follow me on WeHeartIt). My apologies for not posting for a couple weeks; with the Christmas season life just got so busy. But if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel then you will know I have posted some more stuff on there like my GRWM Winter Formal video, my 30 Second Christmas Drawing Challenge collab video with my artist friend Hayley, and my What I Got For Christmas 2015 video. You should go check those out and subscribe to my channel so you can stay up to date with new videos that I’ll be posting. I do post different things on my blog and my YouTube channel so it’ll be fun to be a part of both. Anyways, without further ado, here is my WeHeartIt Round Up:




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