Honest Fullips Review (Video)

Hey you guys,
I have been waiting so long to be able to post this and I am so excited that I finally can! In case you haven’t heard Fullips is a lip plumping product (#KylieJennerLips) that is safe and super cute. Watch this video to see me trying Fullips for the first (and, at the end, the third) time. I had just gotten home from school when I saw the package and rand to film this, so that is why my hair and makeup are a bit drab. I really wanted to post it (and I kept it a little long) because I wanted everyone to get a real and honest review of the product. I wanted to show you guys the whole process and the attempts so that you can get an honest feel and actually see me trying it and my expressions, my frustrations, and my appreciations. Unlike some review videos where it’s really brief and they just talk about it and give a thirty second example. I wanted you to experience it with me. Hope you enjoy and find this at least a little bit helpful. Fullips is a much safer way of plumping your lips. #SafeKylieJennerChallenge . And it is less expensive than medical procedures.


Disclaimer: this was not sent to me for review purposes. I am not getting paid in any way for this or being sent any free stuff because of this. This is my 100% honest opinion.

p.s. windows movie maker keeps decreasing the quality of my videos after I edit it (during download) so if anyone knows how to fix that or any other good (free/really cheap) video editors for windows, could you please please please comment below? It would be greatly appreciated!

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