Life Update: November

After having such a great October month I knew that it would be hard for November to beat it. If I had to give this November a name, I would name it the month of new beginnings. The first week of November I took my Driving test and passed and I was (still am) super happy about that. Since I passed my test, I am now driving my siblings and myself to and from school every day. The same week that I started driving to school I also started a new class called World Religions. Since my school is a private christian school we offer bible classes, and World Religions is one of them. I am super happy to be in this class because we get to learn about different religions not only from our teacher but from religious leaders of those religions, and from going to their places of worship. I am also super interested in this class because when I was in public school my friend group was very diverse; there was an atheist, a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, and a Sikh. I also started talking more to some new people in my grade. Three girls even invited me to sit with them during their spare (this is great improvement because I’ve been to four schools and this school is the clique-iest school I’ve ever been to).

In November I released my winter Twist box; a project for school that I quite enjoyed doing.


In October I ordered a package from Fullips and that arrived this month – it was awefuly fun to try out and I have a video review that I will be posting soon.
I made it to the top 30 in the Hairdo It Girl Contest! That was exciting. The photo with the most votes on facebook becomes the winner. Unfortunatly one of the top 30 girls is a YouTuber with a big following so she had all of her followers voting for her. Either way I was happy to participate and to be chosen (out of around 1,000 submissions) to be part of the top 30. The Hairdo It Girl gets a 3 day (2 night) trip for two to New York City, $1,000 spending money, and a makeover & photo-shoot for two with celebrity stylist Kristina Barricelli. The YouTuber did end out winning (and that’s okay) but I got a kind message from the brand saying that they are always looking for ambassadors, that I didn’t go unnoticed, and that I could choose a product to get for free. I am super excited to show you what I chose. It is a piece that can instantly change your look and I think it will be quite fun to put in from time to time. So keep your eyes open for a super cool hair related post.


On November 12th I went in for another blood test. I took one in the summer and found out that I have many food sensitivities (allergies), acidic blood (well my blood was all messed up and clumped together and had chunks of food, and parasites, and nastiness). Our results for my blood were much better this time. My blood had very few parasites (1 or 2), very little food (I may have had a couple cheat days in my diet…), and it wasn’t stuck together anymore (although I still had some deformed ones but not nearly as much as before). It is crazy how much can be going on or changing inside your body but your outside doesn’t show it. We did learn at the blood-check-in that I am very low on B12 (energy & sugars) so that is something I will be working on now.

November is also craft fair season where I live so I went to four or five of those. I love going to craft fairs because you get unique, hand made things, and it supports locals.
On November 16th I was featured on in the Interview That Blogger. You can read that post here . This was so much fun to participate in! I strongly suggest that you go read that post. The questions she asked were so good and so fun to answer. We talk about my personal life, tips for new bloggers, beauty products, and the future of my blog.

We voted for the design that would go on our grad apparel and tbh I didn’t like any of them. They were all so complicated and I just wanted somethings simple. So I will be making my own.

I hung out with my friend Katarina this month as well. We have been friends for three years but this was our first time hanging out at one of our houses. It was super fun.


On November 24th I went and helped decorate one of our churches for Christmas. It was a group of three ladies (a grandma named Liza, a mom named Gena, and myself). It was quite fun and it was really cool that we were three different generations all working together for the same thing.


The grad girls planned a grad girls sleep over that took place on the last Friday of the month. It was tons of fun. There were videos, nail polish, makeup, games, etc.

The next day I went Winter Formal dress shopping. Winter Formal is a fancy grad dinner and dance. I will try my hardest to post a GRWM for that event, and photos of the event.
While dress shopping I found this adorable little boutique which just made me lust for summer. The swimwear there is adorable.

I also made my official Christmas playlist (which you can read here ) and my family started decorating for Christmas as well.


Now it is December and I can’t wait for all that December brings.
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