WeHeartIt RoundUp # 1

Hey you guys,
WeHeartIt is a site that has been around for a while now. I first made an account a couple years ago, on my computer, and hated it. For some reason I downloaded the app a couple weeks ago and surprisingly found myself loving it. Turns out I just don’t like the computer version, I like the app. I only add hearts to things that inspire me or make me feel (I don’t know how to explain the feeling but it is like inspiriting and admiration and loving-ness mixed together). Since I believe in sharing positivity on the internet (as it says in my About page) I decided that  a way I could do that is to share some of the things that inspire me. Maybe they’ll inspire you too.  Every once and a while I will post a WeHeartIt RoundUp so that you can see some of what is going on on my WeHeartIt account (or you could just follow me on WeHeartIt).


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