Life Update: October

Hey you guys,
As you can guess by the title today’s post is going to be a life update. I will probably do one of these at the end/beginning of each month looking back at the moth that just passed, depending on how much happened during the month.

Okay so recently life has been like a blur – which is weird because you would think it would be super calm & easy because I only have one class at school right now. So a couple weeks ago one of my friends from school comes to me and gives me a hint that one of his friends is considering asking me to grad. Then I heard that another guy, who is one of my friends, is also considering asking me to grad (I don’t know if I believe it but the person who told me swore it was true).  That’s basically as close to boy drama I get haha. About two or three weekends ago my mom and I started looking for a dress for my Halloween costume, for grad masquerade, and for winter formal. I found a super cute one for masquerade but other than that I didn’t really find anything.

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I met up with some friends halfway through a youth group. The event was a KGB run then after that hanging out and watching performances and stuff like that. Since I wasn’t interested in running around an area I didn’t know in the dark I decided just to go for the second half. Neither my mom or I knew how long the KGB run would last so we ended out being an hour and a half early for the second half. The second half of the event was really cool though. There was this dance group who performed and were super talented, and also this beat-boxer who was just magical. His name was Peter Pott (you can find him on YouTube) and every time we thought it couldn’t get any cooler, it did.

I got to visit my grandparents for Canadian thanksgiving, and see their new place. They just moved to a place that is more like a care home but not really. There are two parts to the building: one for people who need care, and one for people who don’t. My grandparents are on the don’t need care side but this way it makes it easier for them to transition over for when they will need care. They also get one or two free meals every day and have community activities and clubs. So free meals and organized clubs/events/activities … I can’t wait until I am old enough to move in to one.

I also went grad dress shopping, it was an all day event, and I tried on so many dresses.
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My favorite dress that I fond was this red one. I just think its super classy. I love the fabric and how skinny it makes me look.

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But I also really like this black one I found. I love it’s jewels, the fact that it’s black, and that it sort of makes me look like I actually have boobs.  Comment below which one you like better; black or red?

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This past Monday I filmed a collab with my good friend Hayley. We filmed my favorite type of video to make, a lookbook. I am so excited to show you guys it and what we have done with it. So you can be keeping your eyes open for that. The video was so fun to film. We went to a forest near my house and when we needed to change outfits we realized that there were no washrooms nearby that we could change in so we ended out just changing a little bit off the path in a weird shrub. It was really funny and sort of scary because we had seen lots of people in the forest that day and didn’t want to have anyone see us changing even though we were basically just out in the open. The things we do for YouTube and blogging.. haha.

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The next day I randomly got sick (we don’t know what caused it) and started puking so that was not fun. I ended out taking the following two days off school as well.
Our grad class has a grad group on Facebook where we talk about grad stuff (Events, what we are wearing, pranks, anything grad related). This week in the grad group all we have been talking about is the grad color. This is the color that we will use to represent our grad class, to color the hallways in (with streamers, balloons, banners, or whatever). All week green had been winning over burgundy (there were four options but the other two were so far behind they aren’t even worth mentioning) and the whole time it was only about 10 points ahead. I don’t know why people kept voting for green, because although it is a decent color it doesn’t look good with everyone’s complexion (like burgundy or black does). In the last hour of voting burgundy pushed into the lead and one! So burgundy is going to be our grad color and I am so happy about that. Burgundy is just a color that literally everyone in my grade wears (I had to go out and buy some just because I saw more burgundy in a week at my school than I ever saw in my life anywhere else), and it looks good on everyone (so everyone will look nice in their grad T-shirts).
Last night I went to a corn maze with my youth group. One of the youth people, Alison, does not drive very safely – we were going over 100km in a maximum 80 but suggested maximum 60km zone. Like if you want to kill yourself whatever, but don’t kill us with you. My friend Naomi and I made sure to get with a different driver for the ride back. The time inbetween was nice, when we were actually at the maze. Out friend Ben, who is twenty something, went with Naomi and myself through the maze and we had some really good conversations.
When I got home from that I saw a post in our grad group on facebook asking if we can get burgundy lanyards that say “Grad 2016” and I am seriously more excited about the idea of those lanyards than masquerade and winter formal put together haha.

Today, Saturday October 17, I am just trying to get videos to Hayley through DropBox. And I figured out that Windows Movie Maker has been screwing up the quality of my videos and making them look really bad so that sucks too. So now I am looking for another video editor I could get for pretty cheap for my PC.

Okay so since October 17th a lot more has happened. First, that Saturday or sunday, We had an international student from Japan come stayed with us. She called herself Naomi (because she chose an English name to go by instead of her Japanese name). She was super sweet and her English was actually really good. We went shopping a lot with her. She brought gifts for us (which we weren’t really expecting) and it was so much fun.

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That Monday, Justin Trudeau was elected as the new PM of Canada. With a Majority. I was so shocked because I honestly didn’t think he was a serious candidate… more of a joke. Like I figured some people in Quebec and the East coast would vote for him & that maybe he would win a minority, but I didn’t think we would get any votes from the west coast after his dad screwed us over. But lots of people aren’t educated and also just wanted Harper out so…yeah. I am not very impressed with the fact that another Trudeau won with a majority. My friends (and lots of people from my school) were all texting and ranting because we were so pissed. Then I saw all these posts from Americans asking to have him next because “he’s so hot” … like seriously..!? Good looks does not mean good leader. My friend Hayley and I were actually ranting about it in the washroom while taking a pee and when we came out of the stalls a girl was like, “Are you guys mad about Trudeau as well?” so we said “yeah.” That lead to us all ranting together and yelling because we were just so mad, which the vice principal heard so she came into the washroom because the thought there was a fight going on but it was really just us talking about politics.
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Political rant over.

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Naomi. That was sad. That afternoon I bussed to the mall with Gauge and I bought my Minnie Mouse dress. When I came home we had no wifi and we continued to have no wifi until Saturday. On Sunday My cousin, who is 6’6″ and three years younger than my dad, came to our house and stayed with his new wife named Ros (pronounced Roz). Mike is not someone I really get along with (our personalities just don’t match at all) but I really enjoy having Ros. They are staying until November second or third.

This week has been super busy. On Tuesday I had the dentist, on Wednesday I had a photoshoot with KZ Photography and one of my best friends (Aislynn). On Thursday I went and bought a mask for grad masquerade. On Friday I dressed up as Minnie Mouse for school and then took off my ears, put on a mask, and went to grad masquerade and danced until 11pm.
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 On Halloween Quad Squad (Gauge, Aaron, Jerms, and I) went to Gauge’s house and played an online version of the game Cards Against Humanity, ate macaroni pizza and candy apples, and watched The Labyrinth. It was lots of fun.

October has been so good for me and I hope that November will continue to be great as we wait to celebrate remembrance day and then start preparing for Christmas.Moms camera Trip to cali to halloween 2015 796