Autumn Tag by Peaches and Dream

Hey everyone,
A couple days ago when I was scrolling through my feed of posts from blogs I follow I saw a post by Peaches and Dream called the Autumn Tag. I loved it so much I decided to do it as well. I think it is such a post to begin the fall season. So here it is..

11848980_411248599070074_317671788_n1. What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
My favorite thing is probably being able to drink hot chocolate again… well the other years that’s what it was.. now I figured out that I am allergic (or “sensitive”) to hot chocolate – like I am literally allergic to everything in it.. milk, cocoa, sugar.. – so I guess my favorite thing is being able to enjoy hot drinks again. And seeing the fall colors come in on the trees, and the Bath and Body Works candles.

2. Favourite Autumn Drink?
My current favorite drink for autumn doesn’t really have a name because I sort of just made it up. It does include pumpkin spice and vanilla flavored almond milk though. I’ll be uploading a video of it very soon on my YouTube and I will probably also put the link on my blog.

vanilla and caramel allergy hot drink for blog and youtube 132vanilla and caramel allergy hot drink for blog and youtube 133

3. Favourite fall candle?

My favorite candles for fall have to be two from Bath and Body Works’ fall collection; they are called Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Citron Cedarwood.

4. Best Lipstick?
I don’t really change my lipsticks for fall

5. Go to moisturiser?
I don’t really know what it is called but it smells delish and I explain it, and show you it, in the video.

6. Go to colours for the eyes?
I don’t even know how to explain it… you’ll need to watch the video below for the answer to this one.

7. Favourite band or singer?
I have a ton. I’m listening to the killers a lot right now, and Thoroughly Modern Millie, Lana Del Rey, and Matchbox Twenty, and Into The Woods, and other stuff too.

8. Favourite outfit to wear?
My black Forever 21 booties, with my black Joe Fresh pants, a blouse, and my jean jacket from Ardene. I also have a new burgundy knit dress which I haven’t worn yet, but it looks really nice and I think that it’s perfect for fall.

9. Favorite Autumn Treat?
Pumpkin seeds.

10. Favorite place to be during fall?
I like to be at home during the fall. I love when its raining outside but I am all warm and cozy with my hot drink inside. I also have a forest by my house which is very pretty to walk through during autumn. I can’t wait until the leaves in the forest change color – when it does I’ll take a bunch of pictures (probably in a lookbook).
Watch the video version below! There are extra bits of info and fun and you get to see my face as I try to answer all of the questions.

Your girl,