Garage Scarf – Lookbook # 8

Hey everybody,
Fall is coming/here (depending on where you live) ! In Canada I can already feel the cold coming (scarves are very much needed). My sister has already caught the back to school cold, so I went home early with her today (because all my classes were finished). I decided that since I liked my outfit and since I had left early, that I would put together this lookbook/OOTD for you. This look is inspired by fall (random note: I am currently drinking hot almond & soy milk with pumpkin spice and caramel flavoring. It also has a bunch of Agave Syrup, which I’ve been loving right now. So if you need a simple suggestion of something to drink there’s one) and you may have even seen this scarf before if you watched my newest YouTube Video which is a haul!


Outfit details:
Scarf: garage (watch my haul video by clicking this)
Jacket: Ardene
Top: Forever21
Pants: Joe Fresh

I hope you guys enjoyed my lookbook/OOTD for you.

Here is a picture of my dog who found a new toy to terrorize.

Your girl,