Cali Diaries: Days 13 – 18

Thursday (Day 13) :
Last night my brother had the idea of spending the whole day in the pool. My family went to the pool 3 times for at least an hour. In the evening when we went swimming there were these giant wasps that kept coming around (for a drink or something) and they kept coming super close to us and it was so freaky! We also had a dragon fly flying in big circles above our heads, sort of like doing laps around the pool but the dragon fly did it in the air. So that was cool. During the evening we also started watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit but about ten or twenty minutes in we decided hay maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate show for my little brother to be watching.
DSC_0278 DSC_0282
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Friday (Day 14) :
We left at 8 (ish) & drove to San Diego to go to their sea world place. During the ride my dad was radio channel surfing & I told him to just stop on the channel that was playing The Weekend’s song I Can’t Feel My Face, which started a conversation of my dad saying how dumb he thinks the song is. Not that I really disagree, because the song makes no sense to me, but it is catchy and my sister & I do enjoy it. Before we left our resort we looked at the weather for San Diego; it was the same weather as on the day we went to Lego land. Lego land hadn’t been hot at all so we dressed warmly. But when we got to Sea World it was super hot out & I was in a long sleeve shirt because we were expecting it to be cold like Lego Land. The first show that we watched was orcas doing tricks (jumping, slashing, etc). It was entertaining and also quite educational. They talked about how they heal and rehabilitate animals, and how they study animals. They also talked about some facts they learnt and some commonly asked questions. Also at Sea World were Flamingos! Not completely sure what they have to do with the sea but that’s okay. I remember seeing flamingos somewhere when I was little and I loved them so much (probably mostly because they’re pink). Did you guys know that apparently they are pink because of something that is in the food that they eat? Reminds me of when I was little and people told me that if turn orange if I ate too many carrots… Btw I am not orange.
11997437_1003288529692192_1692400171_n 11998794_1003288813025497_574698400_n 11950842_1003288873025491_2143207567_n 11997260_1003288209692224_697880269_n 11992171_1003288539692191_614947972_n
while I was cooling off at the shark area this little boy walked in and started just saying “there’s the sharks” to his little sister & he sounded so much more knowledgable & sophisticated than me – probably because he had a British accent but still. Ugh if I had a British accent id probably never stop talking. We saw a group called Fighting Gravity, who were on America’s Got Talent. and they were interesting. By 2pm I was done looking at fish & ready to go. Unfortunately my family did not feel the same way. Fortunately they only took an hour to finish the park; during that time I sat by the exit at a table in the shade with wifi. My mom came back with an iron on patch of a penguin (because sea world ) and gave it to me, knowing that I collect iron on patches for my suitcase, so that was nice.
After Sea World we drove just ten minutes to Fiesta De Reyes, a beautiful old Mexican area with lots of adorable different shops. There were garden, cactus, decor, food, and toy shops. We bought a hot purre paste made completely of the hottest peppers in the world. We plan to make most hot sauces from it – I’m hoping for a garlic one like one of the kinds we tried there.
DSC_0348 DSC_0352
On our way back we were on the highway and there was this idiot behind us who was texting and driving for so long. He was going so slow, wasn’t merging, kept his blinker on, and just had no idea what he was doing or what anyone around him was doing. Also he had someone in the back of his car! So incredibly dangerous! I’m not sure if distracted driving is illegal in California, but it really should be and it should be enforced. I ant stand people who are so inconsiderate, stupid, & selfish that they drive dangerously.
Then also during the ride home Ellie Golding’s song Love Me Like You Do came on and I couldn’t help but wonder how such a bad song became so popular. I swear I must be an alien or something because sometimes I just can’t understand people. Okay mini rants over.
Once we got home we ate then went swimming. But in the swimming pool there was a group of Spanish people ( I’m guessing a family) who spaced themselves out so they took up the whole pool so we left pretty fast because they left no space for anyone else but themselves and we already had a full day.
Saturday (Day 15) :
I woke up sort of sad because this would be our last full day in beautiful Palm Springs & at our wonderful resort home. I am excited though to get home to my laptop & write these posts up for you guys & to edit my videos and post those as well. I am also excited to see my lovely dog again, I’ve missed her. We went swimming that morning then my sister and I put on flash tattoos. I did a Lookbook without any makeup on or doing my hair (that seems to be a theme accidentally now … I just haven’t been wearing much makeup in California – no biggie though it’s all about the clothes not my makeup) because I was just so pumped about my outfit. After lunch my mom and I decided to check out some second hand stores & vintage shops to see if we could find any cool and interesting pieces. The second hand shop we went into didn’t really have anything for us; it was sorta funny though, because the first thing we saw was a super long clothes rack full of tacky Hawaiian shirts. The vintage shop we went to had some nice stuff, but i just didn’t find anything I liked in my size and it was also a bit expensive for old clothes.
DSC_0372 DSC_0414 DSC_0424
Sunday (Day 16) :
At 9:30 we packed up our car and started on our way home. Our home which is currently getting lots of rain & is around 11 degrees Celsius (77.4 degrees ferinheight I think). Oh so I heard Justin Bieber’s new song What Do You Mean, and it sucked. I turned it off after the second verse it was just so bad. So I went onto Facebook to see what some other people were saying about it & I found a radio station’s Facebook page who asked about it and I think there was just a little over 100 comments and only 1 person said they liked it. To be completely honest I actually didn’t mind his old songs, from when he was new, like One Less Lonely Girl, but this song was just bad. Like I’m almost embarrassed for him. Edit (sept 4 2015): That is what I originally thought of the song. iI just typed What Do You Mean into YouTube and pressed the first one I saw (which was an all black thumbnail) and listened to that. I realized today, while finally watching the VMAs that the song I listened to was not actually the song I though I was listening to!! It was fake! So I listened to the actual song and it is so much better than the other song I listened to (still not my favorite but way better). Okay sorry that’s so off topic from my travelling, I just have a 3 day car ride home and so I have lots of time to think & that’s one of the things I thought of. Oh and last night I started watching the show New Girl, I saw it on a plane once then I found it last night and was pumped about that. It’s a good show, but I wouldn’t expect everyone to like it (sorta like Community, lots of people like that show but I don’t). I’m already on episode 14 of the first season… So yeah I was up pretty late last night watching it haha. During drives I like to just look out my window. During this drive back there were the yellow-ish tan coloured hills that seem to be quite common in Southern California. The hills remind me of the hills (that are actually butts) from Sir Micalot’s music video for Baby Got Back. At 12:40 we stopped back at the outlet mall called Outlets At Tejon, we had stopped there on the way down and enjoyed it so we stopped there on our way back up to canada too. My sister and I especially loved a store called A’cagi. I bought a long sleeve crop top for school and a pink skirt that was only 99 cents!!! Here are some things I tried on but didn’t get: 11950800_1002733109747734_1302730279_n11998394_1003283076359404_1031714152_n . After shopping and a late lunch, we were on the road again.
That night we crashed at a motel 6 for only $69.


Monday (Day 17) :
While driving we took a short detour down a very windy path to Shasta Caverns. When we got there we found out that it’s a 2 hour guided tour and we didn’t really want to spend 2 hours at the place, even though it probably would be cool, we decided it was just a bit too long, so we used their washrooms and continued driving. During part of the drive there was a vehicle carrying a bunch of port-a-pottys so the poop jokes were just going on and on. And yes my parents were the ones who started them. We stopped at a Chinese place for lunch. The food was very good! When we got back on the road my mom, sister, and I watched Freaky Friday. My mom forced my sister to watch it, we’ve been trying to convince her the whole trip but she kept refusing, and she loved it, just like we thought, and she was laughing throughout the whole movie.
DSC_0497 DSC_0498 DSC_0499 DSC_0502 DSC_0503 DSC_0507
A bit after 9 we went for dinner at McDonald’s and then went to a Motel6 for the night. The downer about this Motel6 is that you have to pay for wifi. I am so excited because we should be home before dinner tomorrow.
Tuesday (Day 18) :
Tuesday was our last day & I was super pumped to get home & to get my dog back. It was only 15 degrees C on the way home, and it was grey, glum, and raining. On one hand it was sad because it’s cold and not the great California weather, but on the other hand it was home-y and cozy because this is more of the weather I’m used to since I’m from Canada. We got home at three.
Your girl,