Some Things To Do When You’re Bored During Summer

Even though I L-O-V-E summer, sometimes I get board and run out of ideas for things to do. If you get bored during this summer, here is my list of ideas to help you continue to have a great summer!

1.) Read

2.) Do a craft. If you need a craft to do you can check out my DIY Tie-Dye Dye post.

3.) Play a board game

4.) Make a YouTube account

5.) Watch Netflix

6.) If you have a pet, go chill with your pet

7.) Go swimming

8.) Check out my YouTube channel (ShortGirlSam)

9.) Start a Blog

10.) Cook something

11.) Paint your nails

12.) Make a video

13.) Read my blog

14.) Do a photoshoot with your friends

15.) Go for a walk

16.) Chalk

17.) Paint something. We built a fence around our pool, and we have some wooden sun-chairs so I have those to paint. Look around and you probably have some things you can paint too.

Your girl,