DIY Potato Chip Maker Review // Does This Really Work???

Just a couple days ago I went London Drugs to look for a Fathers Day gift for my dad. My dad really likes to make food that is fast and easy; everyday for breakfast he puts some bread in the toaster, an egg in the microwave, and cuts some cheese, then he just sticks it all as a sandwich and goes. Quick and easy. Knowing this I went to the food/kitchen section of London Drugs and started looking for things that would make things quickly and easily. I stumbled upon a chip maker (The Joie Healthy Potato Chip Maker) which reminded me of that time my dad tried to make zucchini chips. It looked interesting  and was pretty cheap (about $8) so I bought it (along with some other things) and gave it to my dad. He said the whole family could use it (he likes to share) so here is my review of the chip maker.

The chip maker came with three parts: a clear bowl, a grip, a lid/cutter (from left to right). I bought other things for my dad as well because I really wasn’t expecting this to work.
The first thing you do when using this is stab the grip into to potato and shred/cut the potato up with the razor on the lid. I found this to be pretty difficult because the grip kept coming off after each shred. The plus side of the grip continually not gripping the potato is that at the end, when I was done shredding, it was easy to get off the potato. Even though the grip came off quite a bit after each shred, I still recommend using the grip because it just makes it safer (I don’t think anyone want to cut and shred their fingers – eww finger chips instead of potato chips), and it is nicer to hold the grip than the
Once finished shredding you put the potato pieces in the holder (one per spot). I found the shredded pieces to be too big for the holder so I ripped each piece in half to make them fit better.
This is when, if you wanted to season your chips (give them flavors like actual chips), you would put the seasoning on them.
Put it in the microwave for four minutes.
Take out of the microwave and enjoy.
Overall I really enjoy this product. I would probably give it  4 stars out of 5 or 4.5 out of 5. I think it is a great idea and a healthy alternative to bagged chips. With this product you know what is going into your body because you made it yourself in your own home. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s healthy, it’s fun, it’s delicious.

Joie Healthy Potato Chip Maker – Assorted


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