Our Family Trip To Washington USA

Hotel Lobby Area

On a Friday we travelled our way to Washington. We arrived at 5 pm unpacked and  then I took (iPod and camera) photos of our adorable hotel room so that I could show you. My sister and brother plopped down at the TV. We settled in that evening and ate spaghetti for dinner.

Rental bikes
Community “yard”
Golf course
The doors to get into our hotel room from the “yard”

Our hotel really was quite wonderful. My parents got the master bedroom, which was so spacious and had its own bathroom; I got the second bedroom, which was decently sized and had a mirror; my sister got a wall bed (a bed that folds up onto the wall into a closet like thing); and my brother made a bed out of pillows and blankets, which he actually enjoys doings – so it’s not like we are just telling him to sleep on the floor.

My bedroom
On our first morning all the kids slept in and my parents went to the gym. Around 11 we went into town to look at some of their local stores. They had some really cute shops and we spent so much time there. The first place we went to was a total geek place, but it was Free Comic Book day so we couldn’t resist. We saw a spider monkey, named Trixie, in one of the stores so that was super cool because you don’t see a monkey everyday (unless you are a zoo keeper… or Tarzan). There were tons of vintage shops with such cool things: Polaroid cameras, old magazines, newspapers from WW2 and the JFK assassination, etc. After spending most of the day shopping we went to a bakery and bought some cinnamon rolls (later we also bought ice-cream). We also went to the gym, which was HUGE, and the pool.


The Carrie Diaries is on American Netflix and I almost made it through all of season 1 during my stay!
My sister
On Sunday we also went shopping but this time in outlet stores and malls. We found some great deals!

overall it was a pretty good trip 🙂

Your girl,