My Top Summer Products


OH MY GOODNESS SUMMER! I feel like that first scene from High School Musical 2 where they are all staring at the clock counting down the time until summer break begins. I just have one more exam to write and then I am officially done with this year of school. While waiting for my summer break I decided to write this post for you, telling you my favorite summer products.

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1.) Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scub Exfoliant.

It is summer and all I want to do is show off my legs and arm, and to do so I need to get all the dead skin off my body. This scrub not only works but smells delicious.

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2.) Island Soap Body Butter.

This was actually a gift from a long time friend of mine (I’ve known her since elementary school – grade two I think) and when I first saw it, before opening the container, I thought it would be a whipped sort of thing. It is not whipped at all. It is very solid, like a bar of soap, and it feels fab. Plus it’s in such a cute little jar — Packaging = A+.

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3.) Clinique is definitely one of my favorite brands, and they did not let me down at all with these super glossy moisturizing gloss. They are super sheer, which is just so perfect for summer and sundresses and the beach.

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4.) Cashmere Glow Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion from Bath and Bodyworks. This just smells really good and its small enough to fit in a purse which is really nice.

5.) Pink Chiffon Shower Gel from Bath and Bodyworks. This also smells really nice and well it’s pink and I love pink. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of shower gel is, but I think this Pink Chiffon shower gel is a very good one.

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6.) Hair Bands.

I have no idea when these officially first came out but I think they’ve became pretty popular pretty fast, I know I get them a lot as presents and see them in stores all the time. These are a nice alternative to normal hair elastics because they are a bit more fun, colorful, and thicker. I think these are also cause a little less strain on your hair sort of like a scrunchie vs. an elastic; a scrunchie damages your hair less).

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7.) Nivea Soothing Care Lip Balm.

I think these can be found at basically any local drug store and Walmart. They are pretty cheap but very nice to have and to keep in your purse, especially if you’re out at the beach all day or have cracked lips because you haven’t been keeping hydrated.

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8.) Secret Vanilla Gel Deodorant

This smells so nice I almost wish I could just sniff my armpits all day. Also it is a clear gel deodorant which is nice for summer because then you don’t have white armpits when you lift your arms up in your tank top.

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9.) Island Soap Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This was another gift (I really need to find this store) and I am so absolutely completely in love with this product! This is a 10000/100. It is super exfoliating and moisturizing. I have naturally dry legs (especially after winter); I can hop into my bath with dry legs then put this on and this just makes my legs feel so smooth and hydrated. Also it is a Sugar scrub which is good because scrubs with plastic beads (like most of mine have — including my coconut scrub I put up at the top) the plastic beads sometimes don’t get completely filtered out and so lots of fish are starting to eat the plastic beads and it is obviously not good for eating. I think I read that it was mutating the fish so that they all turn into females or something like that; I’m not 100% sure about that part but either way plastic is not fish food and using sugar scrubs instead of plastic scrubs is a little better and safer.

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10.) The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

This is a bit more whipped than the Island Soap body butter I listed before this (#2), it is not super whipped but it is a lot easier to grab out of the container. It smells great, a very summery scent I think (because coconuts are like Hawaii and Hawaii is like summer).

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11.) Eos Hand Cream.

This is a good hand cream but the part I love most about it is its compact size. I can fit it in a purse or even my pockets with ease.

What are some of your favorite products for summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Your girl,