19 Life Events While I was 19

Hello loves, this month it is my birthday! To celebrate no longer becoming a teen I thought I would take a look at 19 big life events that happened while I was 19.… Continue reading

Benefit VoxBox Review

Hello loves, today I am writing a post very similar to my previous post Beauty Product Reviews. All these products were given to me for free from Benefit and Influenster for testing and… Continue reading

Beauty Product Reviews

Hello loves, Today I was doing my makeup when I looked down at my pile of products and realized how many I have not reviewed. I am the type of person that likes… Continue reading

2nd Year Move In: The Lead Up (Video)

Hello Loves, As all of you probably know September means back to school. Back to university for me. I’ll try to just keep this intro short and let you watch the video. This… Continue reading

Reitmans Lookbook

Hello loves, Today is an exciting blog post because well it was kind of sponsored. This is what happened… I posted a photo on instagram of me wearing one of Reitman’s (at the… Continue reading

5 things I love about my job

Hello Loves, As some of you may know I have been working at Reitmans, a clothing store, for a number of months now. Today I decided to make a list of my 5… Continue reading

Zucchini Brownies 

Hello loves, As some of you may know, I am a strong believer in moderation. I also have a big sweet tooth though, so sometimes I have a hard time moderating how many… Continue reading

Ouai and Nudestix Mail Unboxing (Video)

  Hello loves, in case you didnt know, one brand that I have been loving so much lately is Ouai. I have also been fangirling over Nudestix for years now. So when Ouai… Continue reading

Lake Day With Hayley

Hey ya’ll, so we had a super warm day here a couple days ago so my friend from high school, Hayley, and i decided to take advantage of it and go to a… Continue reading

Spring Tag

Hello loves, Today I decided to do the Spring Tag, I found this on mamakatslosinit.com but it was originally created by Ingrid Nilson. I tag all of you to do this post as… Continue reading