Hello¬†loves, When my friend from university, who is on the soccer team, was asked if he was going to try to pursue soccer professionally he said that he may as well try because… Continue reading

Lake Day With Hayley

Hey ya’ll, so we had a super warm day here a couple days ago so my friend from high school, Hayley, and i decided to take advantage of it and go to a… Continue reading

Spring Tag

Hello loves, Today I decided to do the Spring Tag, I found this on mamakatslosinit.com but it was originally created by Ingrid Nilson. I tag all of you to do this post as… Continue reading

Goodbye 4YZ

Hey you guys, My first year of university is finished. Normally I would put an exclamation mark about being on summer vacation but this time it is quite bittersweet. It is sweet because¬†… Continue reading

Reading Break

Hey you guys, you know that feeling when you are working on a school paper and you are just trying to push it as much as you can just so you can reach… Continue reading

My 19th Birthday

Hey you guys, I’m legal! Woot woot! As some may know it was my birthday a couple days ago and it was my first birthday away from home. I skyped my family the… Continue reading


Hey you guys, This past summer I went to the states to visit my family, you already know this if you read my Michigan Vacation blog post. While I was there at one… Continue reading

My Christmas Wishlist

Hey you guys as you should know Christmas is just a couple days away so I thought I wold post what I asked for for Christmas. Hopefully this may inspire you for your… Continue reading

10 Things I Learned In My 1st Semester Of University

Hey you guys, So as you know, if you are a follower of my blog or instagram, I just finished my first semester of university. I feel like I have learned a lot,… Continue reading

Brown Skirt

Hey you guys, Sam here. Sorry for being so M.I.A. Life has been crazy busy. Finals are coming up. I have two research papers due this coming week that I haven’t started. I… Continue reading